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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Enjoy your well-deserved holiday Eat Cleaners...

I would also like to give my thanks to all of you for your never-ending, totally uplifting support. You've really helped me get through the last few months of insanity. I couldn't ask for better Sisters in Iron. THANK YOU!

Hopefully your meals will include some "clean" options today, but I can understand the temptation of pumpkin pie and ice cream.

If you're stuck for ideas I do include a Holiday section in The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook. The Pumpkin Hummus is one of my faves.

Taking a walk after Thanksgiving Dinner is one of my family's favorite things to do.

What are your family traditions for the holiday?

Since today is not a holiday in Canada it will be back to the grindstone for me. That includes catching up on a zillion emails, hitting up the grocery store, and putting pen to paper. It's sunny but chilly here today. I love it... what a nice change from the desert!

Now go enjoy some delicious Thanksgiving eats...



  1. Hi Tosca! Congradulations on your competition! You continue to inspire me everyday! I have a small question, is sushi a part of clean eating? And can Agave be replaced by honey?
    Thankyou! Have a great day! jessica

  2. You were AMAZING in competition!!! Again, you are truly an inspiration, Tosca.

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes!! Same traditions/festivities going on as last year's (and every year's) celebration, as I chronicled here, last year:

  3. Hey! Great to have u back! Seems like some nice time in Vegas. We don´t have thanksgiving in Germany eitehr, but all the xmas-markets are open now and there´s a whole lot of temptation to resist. How did u stay motivated in the beginning of ur change / of eating clean, cause I have a lot of thoughts like "I will never be able to have sweets again" and then I kinda panic and have some right away although I shouldn´t.

  4. Hi Tosca,
    Great to have you back!!! I did miss seeing your updates the past few days! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I didn't do too bad at dinner as I indulged in a few things that are 'once a year' types and enjoyed them thoroughly. Back to clean eating today! Currently enjoying leftover white turkey and raw greenbeans.
    Keep up the good work!!! Seeing what you've been able to accomplish helps keep me on track!
    You rock!!!
    -Jenn in Philly


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