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Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Frustrations

Well bloggers I am feeling out of sorts today. I have been working towards a goal for so long and now I don't really have anything pressing to work towards. I feel a little strange.

I have been trying to shake this feeling so this morning I forced myself to get up and do cardio and plan out my meals for the day. I haven't been training for about 1.5 weeks so I need to get to the discipline that I was at before competing.

A lot of competitors struggle with regaining a balance after a show. It's a relief to have such structure during competition training even though it's hard. You don't have a choice about working out and eating clean. Now I have to get back to reality, and remember my own personal motivations for staying lean. It's a mental game because the instant you step off the stage you start feeling different and looking different.

This is Day 1 of going back to normal. Food wise I have already introduced regular water back into my diet (rather than distilled). I will also be introducing more dairy, fruits, and whole grains. But the backbone will still be protein and veg/fruit and whole grains at every meal. This morning I had oatmeal and egg whites. I would have had fruit, but I need to get to the grocery store to get some.

FYI, at comp by BF was 9%. I have already gained weight after the show because I introduced water and sodium back into my diet. So I have gained water weight back. My normal BF is about 12 - 13 % ... I'm not a big person and I never stray too far from comp weight... I'll usually gain about 5 pounds back after the show.

The next thing I have to look forward to is appearance at Arnold Classic at the beginning of March. That is quite a ways off so in the meantime it will be all about getting back to balance...

Thanks for sticking around for the post-comp slump... I'll pull through!


  1. Sounds pretty normal to me -- and you're right, you will pull through.


  2. Great motivation getting back to your steady state after competition. It sounds like you have a beautiful family and friend support system, so don't forget to get back to spending time with them now that you're not training so much. Enjoy your success. Take care of yourself.

  3. I can understand your slump, but hey you do have something to look forward to..keeping us all motivated by your successes! take care! jessica

  4. Tosca, I ran a marathon a couple of years back when I was 44 and felt that slump after the fact. All that training gearing up for the big day and then it was over. The "now what" feeling was almost devastating. It never occured to me that you would have those same feelings after training for a figure comp.

    I think you are smart to get back to a routine of some sort. I know that it's a little rough for awhile but you will pull through. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Helen (Molly229)

  5. You ALWAYS pull through, Tosca - no worries!!! Stay strong!!!

  6. I know you can pull through! You are such an amazing and strong woman! Just please keep us updated with your non comp workouts if you can, because you still inspire us!
    hugs,szilvi g,ct

  7. Wow, yours is such an inspiring story! I love it! Thanks for being so motivating!

  8. Tosca, I have to tell you that I started a new Thanksgiving tradition at age 46!!! I made your turkey, rice stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce out of the Eat Clean diet cookbook. It was a SMASH!!!!! i always eat very lite at that time because my body is not use to the kind of traditional way of doing Thanksgiving dinner. To date, I have tried 8 of the recipes including the power bars with yogurt cheese. YUM! I look forward to each new day so i can try a new recipe!!! Oh and thanks for cooking with me on Thanksgiving. My daughter couldn't come home to cook with me but you were there! It was FUN!! Oh and like others I am even more excited to hear of your non competition exercise and eating routine. I know we typically see you when you are at your peek. AMAZING! Do you think when you get back to your normal body we could see a picture of you? I have to tell you that I am on the 13 day of cooler one (minus Thanksgiving dinner). I have managed to lose some of the belly chub (even had a little when I was anorexic in high school). One last request. If I am not being to invasive, would it be possible to see pictures of you (that show a little more of you than in your Eat Clean book), before you started lifting and shots showing how you progressed? I think it would give so many hope and inspiration. You have your next competition to look forward too and how about your Christmas list for your next goal!!!!@@!**!! Many hugs on a job well done. SUE

  9. Tosca, thank you so much for your honesty in your blogging, I love checking here every day for updates.

    Curious - what tool do you use to measure your own BF?

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find a good groove to settle into again :)

  10. Would you be wiling to post your measurements? Not so much interested in weight, but more so inches...

  11. Tosca, one of the reasons I;ve always wanted to get thin and stay thin....was so that I could think of something else. I wish fitness magazines would show really fit people in real clothes doing real things. You've got plenty of time to volunteer, work hard on your business, spend time with your hubby, do an extra good job at homemaking..or have no extra weight or poor self image to hold you back.

  12. Tosca,
    You deserve to take some time to relax a little bit! You will get back on schedule. Enjoy your family, Christmas shopping and the holiday season approaching so quickly!!
    Take care,


  13. The Arnold Classic...My hubby and i will be there..I hope to see you! I'm going to make that my new goal :)


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