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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

9 Days and Counting

Catching Up:

Sunday Training

I've included some pics from my training session on Sunday night. Since I missed training on Saturday we had to double up. Woo! It was tough. We trained bis and tris using supersets. We alternated dumbbell hammer curls with triceps pressdowns for 4 sets each (first two pics above). Then we supersetted Scott preacher bench curls with triceps kickbacks for another 4 sets each (next two pics above).

Tuesday Training

I ran my 40 minute cardio session and had a lot of help from a fabulous running tune from Depeche Mode called It’s No Good. It’s almost 6 minutes long and if you set your treadmill to a pace of 8 it is perfect for sprinting out the last bits of speed you can get out of you. I loved my run this morning. I felt enormously energized and ready to work out hard.

If you notice, the blue suit is my posing practice suit. I like it to practice in but I prefer the cut of the back of a competitive suit to be more shapely. Imagine your glutes as round melons. The suit must hug the upper curve of the glutes like a crescent moon. It is a sensitive thing but a designer who gets it right carves out the most beautiful shape for the glutes. I will put my bling suit on next time and see if I can show you the difference. On the blue suit my butt looks a little heavy – which it isn’t because I am tighter now than I was for my first contest – but that is what too much fabric on the backside of a suit can do to the overall look of the glutes.

Tuesday Eating

250 ml hot water with lemon juice
500 ml water with 9 ounces wheat grass
Vitamins C, B complex, E
5 fish oil supplements

4 T each oatmeal and wheat germ, 2 T Salba, flax seed and bee pollen
5 egg whites + one yolk
1 black coffee

Mid AM:
3 egg whites
Juiced veggies: beets, radishes, celery, bok choy, endive, spinach, carrot

Turkey, edamame and tomato scramble with ½ cup brown rice
Herbal detox tea

Mid PM:
Detox tea
Juiced veggies: same as above
3 egg whites

Grilled chicken’
1 cup steamed broccoli
½ cup steamed asparagus
2 ounces sweet potato


Question: You look AMAZING!!! Tosca,Why do you take so many fish oil tablets. And do you just take MSN or does it also have Glucosamine and/or Chondrotan in it? Also is it bad to put 1/4 cup nonfat,unsweetened soy milk in my morning coffee? Thanks(:
Answer: I have always taken the recommended dosage of fish oil capsules as labeled on the brand I purchase. Enjoy your soy milk in moderation as you are doing in your coffee. Sounds delicious!

Question:What TV show will you be on? Do you have a date when it be on the W network?
Answer: I will appearing in my own reality show that will begin airing in January on the W network.

Question: When you are not in competition mode, how many cardio sessions a week do you do? It seems you always run. Is there a reason you don't do other forms as much? If I do leg day 2x a week is it o.k. to train glutes on the day in between if I do not isolate glute exercises in my leg routine? One more if I may. Why do you often take CAL/MAG supplements?
Answer: I usually get in about 2 - 3 days of cardio. I run as much as I do because we have a treadmill at home and some steep hills on our driveway. Glute training requires the legs typically, so I would try and put your glute training in with your leg day or another day to give your legs ample time to rest. I take Cal-Mag to get added calcium supplementation and as a way to relax.

Question: How do you prepare this turkey, edamame and tomato scramble you speak of?
Answer: Simply cook up the turkey, pour beaten eggs over top, add tomato and edamama toward the end. Scramble and serve! Yummy! I also have a turkey scrambler recipe in the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook.


  1. SO EXCITING!!!! Best of luck, Tosca!! :-D

    Love the Q&A's, as always. I'm DYING to see your reality show!!

  2. love those training pics! and you look so fabulous in both of the suits:) SEnding you positive energy! Can not wait for your pics from the show!!!!!
    szilvia g,ct

  3. Tosca I can see progress in your pics since the blue suit. Good job!!!! You really are selfless to be inspiring all of us and taking the time to do this blog. The only place I carry extra chub is in my belly. Do you suggest increasing my cardio for a while and decreasing my leg work out because it is usually intense and if I do cardio 5 days a week my legs can be sore for 4 or 5 days. And when I am doing cardio 3 days a week should it be on leg days or not? Or should I just reduce my clean food intake for a while to burn the extra fat. Thank you

  4. Tosca, it looks like you got your hair cut. It looks great! And so does your body. When you said you put the treadmill on 8 and ran for 40 minutes was that a constant pace or interval!!??? If interval, what was the pattern? Also I am curious as to what you get your heart rate up to when interval training and what do you keep it at when you do a constant pace? Thanks

  5. Seriously, Tosca - you GOTTA quit photoshopping your head onto my body for these photos - it just ain't right!!! ;) You know I'm kidding. The rewards of all your effort is simply amazing and incredibly inspiring. You GO, Girl!

  6. Thank you for the Q&A. I always enjoy reading. In your post you mentioned that when you are not in competition training you do cardio 2-3 times/ week. How long are these sessions? What do they typically look like? Thanks for all your correspondence. I love reading this blog! Good Luck next week!

  7. Hi Toscca,
    Why did your eating on Tuesday change to more solid protein and carbs as apposed to the talpia....and more strict eating you have been doing at this point in the training?

  8. Hi Toscca,
    Why did your eating on Tuesday change to more solid protein and carbs as apposed to the talpia....and more strict eating you have been doing at this point in the training?

  9. Just wanted to put in a little ditty about your EAT CLEAN RECIPE BOOK. Ladies, it is incredible. I have tried several recipes and.... delicious!!! It is soooooooooo beautiful and there isn't one recipe in it I am not dying to try. Excellent Tosca. One ques. I think i do my cardio too hard. I mostly do interval training.. every other minute intense for 20 minutes. My intense minutes are at 85 to 90% of my max heart rate. And the lows usually around 75% to 80%. I know I need to bring down my lows and probably my highs to. I am 46 years old and in very good shape. In your book you state aerobic as 80% or less. I've read some think you should work at 85-90%to burn fat. What do i do!!

  10. you look HOT! keep it up!
    i cannot believe you are down to 2Tbsp of oatmeal! I'm having a hard time cutting 1/2c to 1/3c...good one ya.
    i went out and bought the rest of your books are so damn inspiring!!!!!!!

  11. I was thrilled with all your pictures. I loved the first ones of sweats and a t-shirt with such determination on your face. It seems magazines give a fantasy picture of working out when we all know it is such hard work. Your posing pictures are truly inspirational. To think that you can look like you do in your 40's is truly inspiring. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!

    Helen (Molly229)

  12. Great pics!!
    I was wondering how you know what to work out & when ... such as leg day, upper body, etc? Are you working out everyday (different body parts?), three days a week, etc? and how does your cardio fit in?

    You're doing a great job and have inpsired MANY!! Thank you!


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