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Monday, July 14, 2008

At the Cottage

This past Saturday my husband and I ventured off to the cottage. We decided to take some time off from the GTA and venture out to a cottage just outside of Belleville, Ontario. My daughter is attending summer school at The Quinte Ballet School, and I wanted to be near her for a few weeks this summer, since she will be dancing in New York and Connecticut for the month of August. We packed our things and drove out to Crow Lake for 2 weeks of vaca. I was under the impression that we would be staying by the river in a cute, little cottage just outside of Belleville. Little did I know I would be flee bitten, nowhere near the water, and 1 hour from my daughter's school. There were even warning signs indicating of deer, elk, and bear. I don't mind deer, and we have a lot near our home outside of Toronto, but elk and bears are a different story. On top of that there was no cell phone service and no phone service... we felt a little cut off and very bug bitten! So after a terrible sleep we ventured out to a diner for breakfast and to use the phone, and decided we needed to move. We are now on Lake Seymour. Phewf! It's a much friendlier cottage with a lot of beach front. There were herons and birds diving for fish this morning and we even enjoyed a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. I still have to drive 40 minutes to get my daughter from ballet school, but at least I have a scenic tour. This will be a much better fit for the next few weeks. As soon as I take some pictures I will share them with you.


  1. Yes, those elk are terrifying. Glad you made it out alive.


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