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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hectic Week

Hi everybody... it has been quite awhile since my last post.

I have had 3 days of photo and video shoots. These sessions last for at least 12 hours leaving me very little time to blog and email. I'm back at it today, though. How is everyone doing out there in blog land? Needless to say, I am little tired. Being on camera is not always as glamorous as you may think. There are directions shouted out from every angle, early mornings, late nights, hot lights, and very few breaks. My favorite part is doing kneeling low-cable kickbacks about 50 times until they get the best shot. My backside is just a little sore today!!!

I am going to post a few pics (and maybe some video if I can figure it out) from the shoots this week. Behind-the-scenes is always fun.

More tomorrow....


  1. Yes, please post some behind the scene photos if you can! That would be great!

  2. Yes, missed the blogs. Thought you must be busy. Love to see some shots.


  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the behind-the-scenes footage, it's always fascinating to see how involved it all is!


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