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Friday, April 25, 2008


For today's post I've decided to answer some comments from the past few weeks. If you have a question please feel free to email me at 

1. Kimberly: 
Thank you for sharing your favorite tracks with us and for spreading the Clean Eating word. Most women preparing for shows hire someone to help them. Find someone in your area who has experience training women for competition. You can also check out The Precontest Bible by Larry Pepe. It's very bodybuilding focused, but you can modify it fit your needs. Good luck!

2. Anonymous: 
Don't think of this as an instant 180 in your life. Make small changes day by day. The first step is cleaning out your cupboards of all the unclean foods and stocking them with delicious, clean options. Starting there will make everything else much easier.

3. JTremble: 
I have a recipe for Clean protein bars in The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook. They are all natural and delicious. I don't like to recommend one brand in particular, but I have tried Clif Bars and Lara Bars and they are delicious and clean. By the way, I am not endorsed by either of these companies. 

4. Krissy:
Body Pump is a great place to get a foundation for weight training. Why don't you try 2 days of Body Pump a week and then 1 day of full body weight training on your own in the gym. The next week you can try 2 days on your own and 1 day of Body Pump. Just be sure to give yourself 2 - 48 hours between weight lifting sessions to allow for muscle recovery and repair.

5. Anonymous:
I purchase my Naan bread at the health food store in my area. However, I am on the lookout for a clean recipe. Can any bloggers out there help?

I hope these questions help some of you out there. Have an excellent Friday and weekend...


  1. Tosca--Thanks for answering the question about protein bars. I will check out your recipe and may make a batch this weekend. Clif bars are the ones I usually purchase, however the Clif bars with 20 grams of protein are dipped in chocolate--correct? They contain palm kernel oil. Are these the ones you are referring to? Thanks so much--standing in the protein bar aisle at the grocery store can be very overwhelming!!


  2. Tosca-

    Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it.

    =) Krissy

  3. what about this recipe for Naan

  4. you don't need sugar to make bread rise... AND you CAN sub honey for sugar and get the same effect.


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