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Monday, March 24, 2008

Back from Mexico

I'm back!

And I'm raring to go!!

Vacation was truly a much needed break. I read trashy novels, tried scuba diving, caught up on sleep, and I even drank a few glasses of wine ;-)

Now I'm feeling wonderfully energized and ready for spring. It would be great if it would appear sometime soon. Anybody have any pull with the weather? I wasn't too thrilled to wake up to snow this morning. 

So if any of you are feeling discouraged about the lack of spring weather, keep your spirits up! Keep training, keep Eating Clean, and before you know it bikini season will have arrived. And you'll be in great shape for it. 

I have asked my daughter to send me some vacation pictures so I will post those for all of you as soon as I can. 

Have a great Clean-Eating day!


  1. Awesome that you were able to take a vacation! Looking forward to seeing the photos. :-)

  2. Hey Tosca!

    I love your books and your column. I think I am your biggest fan for sure!


  3. Great that you had a relaxing vacation! I know the feeling about the weather-I'm waiting for that smell of spring. I'm glad you are back-I missed your words of encouragement.


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