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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello Portland!!

I flew into Portland, Oregon today to escape the snow, experience the fresh air, and spread the word on Eating Clean.

What a beautiful city. My daughter and I took a hike around the Pearl District visiting a number of stores, including Whole Foods. As I write to you, I am munching on grilled tofu, brown rice and garlicky rapini. Delicious!

I will be appearing on AM Northwestern (KATU-ABC) on Tuesday morning sometime after 8:30am (Pacific Time). Set your televisions! I will be talking about my new book, The Eat-Clean Diet workout.

Until then, keep on eating clean, exercising, and enjoying every moment of your life!

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  1. I was lucky enough to catch you on AM Northwest. For the last two years I have been "eating clean" so your spot on the show made me jump up and say, "YES, someone else gets it!". I am 41 and at one point overweight and what was lost. No energy, no clarity and very unhappy. Slowly, I transformed by first understanding that what I put in my body feeds not only my physical body but my soul as well. I now teach a sexy exercise class that focuses on moving your body with appreciation and am in the best shape of my life. However, I am wanting to bump it up and start weight training. Seeing you today was so inspiring! Your energy is amazing. Your message rings true. I loved how you delivered's not about feeding into what the "ideal" body type is. Instead, it is focused on living your best life. I am a grandma now and this grandma loves her body more now than ever before. I can't wait to hit the gym and get STRONG! :0)


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