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Friday, February 8, 2008

Enough is Enough

For those of you residing in the Great Lakes region of Ontario, Michigan, or New York State you are well aware of the snow piling up around us. Not one, but 2 snow storms have blasted us over the past week. 

As a result, I have had very limited email access. I live in a small town north of Toronto and we use satellite internet. When it rains, snows, blows or anything extreme the service shuts down. This is also the same week my computer chose to lock me out and my cell phone bit the dust. It has been quite the week. Thank goodness for a small internet connection at the head office (when I could make it in safely) to keep me up on the bare minimum of emails.  I apologize to all of you for a delay in an updated blog.

On that note... who has had enough of the weather?? Whether you've been stuck in snow or in the rain or those terrible tornados... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

My message for you today: keep your spirits up. When these times get the best of you take a deep breath and let it pass. Keep exercising, keep eating clean, and plug away. I've been frequenting the local yoga studio this week.

6 more weeks of winter and this will pass.

For those of you not experiencing dramatic weather, you have no excuse for not exercising and eating well! 

Keep it up... we're almost through!


  1. Thanks Tosca for all your dedication. I never thought I would run in pouring rain, but on Superbowl Sunday I ran the Surf City Marathon (Huntington Beach, Ca) which should have been a beautiful run, but God had other plans. It was a cold, windy, and rainy morning (of course it got better in the afternoon). I ran the whole thing and I wasn't as miserable as I thought I'd be. Now the weather is BEAUTIFUL for us our here.
    God Bless,
    Karen Hoffman

  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Your sentiments about the weather mirror mine exactly! And these temperatures are crazy! Luckily I'm in downtown Toronto with a gym, yoga studio and spinning studio all within a 10minute radius, walking. While its still a test of battling the elements, it's been relatively easy to stick to my workout schedule cannot emphasize enough how it's helped so much in keeping my spirits up in this trying and miserable time of year! Oh well, it's just going to make that first springtime run along the waterfront that much more enjoyable! Oh, and tried the Moroccan chicken and lentils tonight and it was delicious! Stay warm!


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