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Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Cooler Clear Up...

The cooler post really heated things up around here and sparked quite a few questions. Please read below for further clarification:

1. Only limit your fruit portions if you are practicing Cooler #1. This is simply because the glycemic index is high in some fruits and can hinder the results you are looking for, especially when preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Stick to fruits, such as apples, which are high in fiber and low on the glycemic index.

2. Have your last meal 2-3 hours before bed time. That way you will not have a heavy meal sitting in your stomach while you are sleeping. Set this rule for yourself to avoid binge eating at night, too.

3. Cooler 2 involves all of Cooler 1's ingredients and the additional items listed in under Cooler 2's heading. Cooler 3 involves all of Cooler 1 and Cooler 2, as well as the additional items listed below Cooler 3's heading. 

Oh... and the occasional glass of wine means, once a week or only at special occasions like birthdays and celebrations (not an everyday celebration... good try!). 


  1. Hi Tosca, it's so awesome to know that you are only a "click" away. You are my inspiration, as I'm sure you are to so many hundreds or thousands out there. You are such a genuine woman, and so ready and willing to help and encourage others. I have your diet book and cookbook on my kitchen counter and have for the past 3 weeks LOL. I am new to this way of eating and have come to the conclusion that chocolate is unfortunately not a daily food choice. Darn. But it makes it a sinful treat (I made your protein bars and YUM!). I find myself back at the gym 3 times a week, have dusted off my treadmill at home, and have NO problem arising at 5:45 each day. My co-workers laughed at my "suitcase" lunch kit, but... they must notice something, because they are now in the market for a lunch kit as well. Anyway, just wanted you to know, as so many others before me have said, thank you so much for opening my eyes to the real food out there. I admit I always loved the look of the bright coloured fruits and veggies but had NO idea how to prepare anything that tasted worthwhile. I really enjoy preparing food now, you make it so easy. Oh, and the pictures in the cook book look exactly like my dishes. Amazing! LOL

    Keep the info coming, I am here every day now, I'm hooked.

    Eatin' Clean for Life, your Canadian neighbour in Ottawa

  2. Thanks so much for the clarification about the fruit! I appreciate you answering our quesiotns and for all of your inspiration. Enjoy your day.

  3. Hi Tosca! For cooler 2 do we eat all the suggested items in cooler 1 plus the items and suggested serving amounts, all in one day?? I'm a little confused?



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