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Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Eat-Clean Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. I've noticed the bulk boxes of chips and candy piling up in the grocery store for a few weeks now. As Clean Eaters we're not so inclined to eat all of these fatty and sugary treats, but how can we convince our kids? Here are my suggestions for making Halloween as CLEAN as possible for the whole family:

1. Limit Halloween candy. Some kids will go out with three different pillowcases!
Remember: you are teaching your whole family about Clean Eating. I'm not suggesting for a second that you tell your child/children "No Halloween," just be reasonable. They don't need enough candy from one night to last them a year. Let your kids have some extra treats on Halloween itself, but then limit it.

2. Have your children pick out two treats for each day. Put these treats in a plastic bag and label them with the date. They can be kept in their room, or in the freezer. Each day you can give your child/children the bag of treats with the day's date. This way it's very difficult for you to take their candy (they will know it's gone) and you'll also be helping to control their candy consumption.

3. Limit your candy consumption. Decide that each Friday, for example, you will have a treat. Get a baggy and label it with the date you're going to have it. Be sure you'll be able to stick to those dates. If you can't, get yourself some bubble bath and candles and when you are craving candy, have a nice hot bath instead. You could also buy flavored coffee such as mocha hazelnut. Have a cup of that with some warm milk for a treat.

4. Treat alternatives. You don't have to give out Halloween candy at your house. Go to a wholesalers or dollar store and buy costume jewelry, bouncy balls and other small, inexpensive toys. Let each child choose their own toy. Kids love this stuff and leftovers can be used for birthday party goody bags.

I'd love to hear any other ideas from my fellow Clean Eaters. Leave a comment with your suggestions!

Until next time, Eat Clean for health and for life.


  1. Hi Tosca,

    I have to say just looking at you I get motivated!

  2. Another good hand out is cold water bottled. Kids and parents get thirsty after all that walking!


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