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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beat Stress with a Sound Sleep

Bring on the ZZZ's! Photo Credit: Paul Buceta

We are well into #BeatStress November.

How are you feeling?

Are you sleeping well?

One of the biggest parts of keeping stress levels low is getting a good sleep each night. This is easier said than done for a lot of people so I thought I would compile a list of my favorite ways to get a better rest.

I also asked my daughter, Rachel aka The Traveling Naturopath, to share some of her thoughts on sleep. You can read more on her blog.

1. Think about sleep well before it happens.  Get your mind into the game. You can drink tea, meditate, take a bath or read something light and restful.

2. You need to incorporate exercise into each day even if it is only a walk.  Even breathing fresh air is helpful to clearing the mind and promoting sleep.

3. Don't consume caffeinated beverages before bed. This is just a bad idea. Even too much water can having running to the loo all night long.

4. Don't eat a big meal just before bed. This can sit heavily in your stomach both interrupting your sleep and causing some pretty wild dreams.

5. Fight after dinner drowsiness by moving around and saving a good sleep for later when it is your actual bed time.

6. That being said, a quick siesta/nap in the early afternoon is often helpful to reducing stress and promoting better evening sleep.  Millions of South Americans and Europeans can't be wrong.

7. Be sure to hydrate properly all day long.

8. Switch warm milk for warm water to reduce stress before bed and help you prepare for sleep. I will often add a teaspoon of Natural Calm (natural Calcium Magnesium supplement) to help promote relaxation.

9. Sleep naked. Keep your body at a better overall sleep temperature by sleeping in the nude.


  1. Sleep is my #1 stress source as well. Chronically battling night owl tendencies and poor sleep overall makes me completely stressed, a vicious cycle.
    These are all great tips! I think that getting away from light sources {computer screens, brightly lit areas, etc.} in the evening may be crucial as well. My boyfriend will love #9! ;)
    Thank you.

    {Heh...Number 6 made laugh. Just the statement that millions of Europeans couldn't be wrong...WWII popped into my head...}

  2. I need more sleep... but I have a 3 month old that isn't consistently sleeping solid from midnight to six... zzz.

  3. you had me until #9 lol! ... someone, that will remain nameless, may see that as an open invitation...LOL! great advice. I am a huge sleep advocate.


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