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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Final Tosca & Rita Check In

From Me:
Now just days away from my contest I am beginning to feel the "what if's?" and the "am I enough's?"  This is normal for everyone but I do feel the added complication of trying to recover from a nasty bug I picked up in Las Vegas.  UGH!  The timing is not ideal and yet I must put my game face on and prepare no matter what.  The weird thing is that I just don't feel like eating because I can't taste anything.  That may not be a bad thing but the idea is to keep the muscles full so now I find I must force myself to sit down and chew things I can't taste.  I am on litre 4 of the 7 I must drink as I write this …. hold on just have to pee … okay, all better.  I am floating in water at the moment.  Don't worry, on Friday and Saturday, there will be none!  Or very little anyway.

So how do I feel?  I am dogged about my task.  I make the list of what needs to be done, what has to be eaten and consumed otherwise and I just do it.  There is no other way.  I want badly to eat cake and cookies but I have to push those thoughts away.  No one else on stage will have eaten those things and I don't intend to blow it all now.  Still a girl needs a treat now and then right?  It's okay, that can wait until Saturday night when it is all over.

How about my stage prep?  Every day I get a little closer to the stage so I must put in the time to walk and pose in front of the mirror.  I have to remind myself that I want to look and act like me only a little more animated and filled with energy.  I can do that.  I love to address a crowd especially when I am giving seminars and workshops.  I love to wear high heels so that shouldn't be a problem either.  I am already practicing my mantra - the things I will tell myself backstage - to help me put my game face on.  There are many details to attend to before then and each day now counts heavily.  I will start with body grooming by having one final massage, dealing with hair removal and grooming (you know what I mean!), then skin exfoliation, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping and body tan.  So many little things but they are not simply diva tasks.  If you want to feel confident up there in a tiny bikini you must must must prepare in every way possible.  So that is the game plan.

More to come ….

From Coach Rita:
This is it. We are here. Tosca competes this Saturday and all of the hours of planning, dedication, hard work, food plans, wine bottles unopened, and toting around Tupperware will be judged in under 30 seconds. It seems unfair, but it is the nature of the beast.

These past 5 months have been quite the adventure.  The coach aspect of the show is always excting the week of the show. The training ended Wedndsday, and the last few days are usually about adrenaline, pampering and practicing the strutting.

As coach, I will be by Tosca's side this weekend as her supporter, her motivator and to tell her when and what to eat, drink, when to pump up and plump up her confidence right before she struts on stage.  She did all of her work over the last few months, listened and followed thropugh to a tee, and is now reaping the rewards and benefits of her new lean physique without having to race against the clock with extra hours of cardio.

She is ready.

And thank goodness she is. Battling laryngitis has put her on her back for  a few days. Her body can afford the rest, and may be a good thing at this point.  Her phone call last night was somewhat reminiscint of a horror movie - or 1-800-number-raspy, low and struggling to get the words out! I feel the same way I do when my 5 year old is sick - I wish I could be sick for her - just as I wish I could take away Tosca's pain and struggle this week and let her enjoy the process. Alas, this is not reality and each struggling moment and bump in the road make your journey that much more meaningful at the end. I know she will look back on this week and be proud of her accompplishments and stick-with-it attitude. I am sure PROUD of her, as I have been all along.  She is a fighter, and continues to prove it to me, to her family and most importantly to herself.

I will be there by her side all weekend, with my gloss, bikni bite and a some rice cakes to keep her shiny, decent and full.  This is the fun part - no more "house of pain" this week, no more "1 more rep" or "suck-it-up-tough-love-coach". But I will be there as her coach, and I will cheer on one of the most hard-working, dedicated human beings I know. I am now proud to not only call her my client, but also my dear friend.

Tosca - you have already won.

Proud, oh-so-Proud Coach C


  1. You should try drinking a shot of warm orange juice with powdered Ginger in it. Always makes any icky bug I get go away super fast.

  2. Good luck on Saturday, Tosca!!!!! I surely hope you will feel better before then BUT Rita is right, you have already won! You've inspired THOUSANDS of people with your journey! You are an inspiration in every way imaginable!

  3. Congratulations to both of you. A lot of hard work for such a short time on stage. The final steps are so close and we know it will all be worth it. We will be with you all the way and cheering you on. So proud of both of you.

    Shirley Rogers and Joe Salottolo

  4. You will be amazing in the competition - as you already are in life! Nothing like a 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 tbsp of raw, unsweetened apple juice, some cinnamon or ginger and 1.5 cups of ice water. I had a similar bug and it helped me move through it very quickly!

  5. Tosca, you are an inspiration to me for who you are: real, compassionate, hard working, great mother, beautiful inside and out. Yes, you have already won!!! Cheers to you and Rita! xoxo

  6. Tosca, Coach Rita said it for all of us - you have already won! I will be thinking of you on Saturday and wishing you all the best in your competition. You are an inspiration to me, always. Hugs, Deb

  7. Good Luck Tosca. You are a great inspiration to all of us. Like we all have been saying you are already a winner. Love ya.

  8. Cheering you on! You've GOT this!! Savor every moment and cherish the victories you've won on this path. Shine like the bright light you are.

  9. Good luck Tosca!! You've TOTALLY got this! With a coach like Rita, there's no way you aren't prepared!! You two are amazing - I can't wait to hear how it goes! :) <3

  10. I will be there cheering you both on. Tosca I hope you are buoyed by all the women who are beaming with pride as you share with us another amazing accomplishment. You are so the $%&t! :) After watching the way you dug deep on this journey I'm sure another lame excuse for skipping a workout will never pass my lips! Xo

  11. So excited for both of you. Can't wait for the full report! Go get it!


  12. Your posts -- from both of you -- have been so incredibly inspiring to me as I've read along with you in this journey. I am beyond excited for you. Images flash through my head as I read this post (and others), feeding the assurance that you are going to rock that stage. How proud Bob is of you. What joy, what honor you bring to him through all your efforts and sacrifice.

    It's your time, Tosca...TIME TO SHINE.

    Best of luck to you, Tosca. Coach Rita has been the wind beneath your wings, and together you will rise and shine and celebrate.

  13. Can I follow the competition on the Net? thank you

  14. Way to go Tosca & Rita, what a journey! I've enjoyed reading about every step of the way and getting to come along for the ride via the blog. Amazing how much work and prep goes into an event!

    Good luck this weekend, I know you will be wonderful! You have the most amazing story, it's so inspiring to see how you've turned the most tragic, heart-wrenching time of your life into something so positive. I know Bob would be incredibly proud and I'm sure he's watching over you this weekend and smiling.

  15. Cheering you on from Pennsylvania! I know you'll totally bring it. Just remember- soon you can have a sweet treat and relax a bit! You could not deserve that more.


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