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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clean Carb October!

Welcome to Clean Carb October! We have a lot of exciting things to feature this month to dispel the myths on carbohydrates. Never again will you get confused by low-carb this, carb-free that, etc, etc.

Check out the infographic above that has been making quite the splash on Facebook. Use it as your guide to choose Clean & Healthy carbs throughout the month - and for the rest of your life.

Don't forget healthy options like pumpkins and squash!

Join us on Twitter with the hashtag: #cleancarbs

So what are your favorite clean carbs?


  1. Love this!! I hate that people are so afraid of carbs! You NEED them for healthy brain function and for's the "bad carbs" that need to be avoided. There is a difference!

  2. I don't say good or bad carbs, I use processed or unprocessed as my guide. One ingredient carbs are the best for me.

  3. Tosca, no idea why but I can't comment on your video entry you made on FB.

    Thank you, again, for your honesty and authenticity. No doubt as you train and come near your first competition since your beloved's passing, the grief becomes probably so unbearable you can hardly breathe.

    You have a legion of sisters-in-iron (and in my case a sister-in-almost-iron...hee hee) supporting you and lifting you up in prayer and good thoughts. You are loved by your fans, friends, and most importantly your family. Oct. 13 will be a day to honour Bob...and as I do my best to run a 1/2 marathon the next day, injured no less, I'll be praying for you, for my best friend dying of cancer, another friend with cancer, and for all those that have been affected by this terrible disease.


  4. saw this on my sister's FB page this morning:). love your quirky reminder-- it's super cute!!

    just wanted to say that i'm part way through Bull$ Eye. Such an inspiring read-- you can just feel how much Bob loved you--how proud he felt of everything you achieved and all your future possibilities:).

    big hugs!!


  5. While you are looking for a natural best appetite suppressant, try zinziber extract prior to food intake.

  6. I rarely eat grains any more....have developed so many food allergies--the worst being wheat, and just recently found out I have a minor allergy to corn. Corn, after reading Michael Pollan's "The Omnivor's Dilema" is something I generally stay away from anyways.
    Grapes....had a terrible reation recently and after some research found that they are the most heavily sprayed organic is a must for grapes, in other words I don't eat them, far too pricey.
    I have looked at bits of your recent diet and am wondering ....have you gone Paleo? I am almost at that point now, although I do eat oats and very occasionally a rice wrap.
    Good luck with the competition....

  7. Roasted sweet potato! And it must be oven baked. I just can't do the boiled or steamed sweet potato .. bleck.

    San Diego.

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