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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Long List of Thank Yous!

A day like Saturday does not come together without the love and support of many, many, many people.

I want to take this time to offer up a special thank you to those of you who lifted me up through this incredible journey.

My daughters Rachel, Kiersten, Chelsea and Kelsey-Lynn and their friends/boyfriends/fiance for their boundless love. And my wonderful family sharing their love from afar.
Kelsey-Lynn, Rachel & Kiersten.
Coach Rita Catolino for pain, gain and a new reign!
Time to celebrate Rita!
Valeria Nova for makeup and hair. You're dynamite!

Jeannie Mahoney for scheduling my life

Paul Buceta for his camera action

Manu Nesbet for catching it all on film

Nigel Romaine for your endless support and energy given selflessly to Bob and I and the family for many, many years

The Eat-Clean Diet team at Robert Kennedy Publishing who keep supporting with the best energy and smiles ever

Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador Team - Wow! You are a ladies' rock when she needs one. Thanks for hanging on through the long hours
Yeah Ambassadors!
My friends and cousins - ToJo, Fra, Keith and Margaret, Marilyn and Richard

Arnold Schwarzenegger for his motivation

Holiday Inn Kitchener for hosting my family and I and the rest of us crazy competitors

Crystal Kenny - you took care of all the administrative stuff - thank you!

Ann Perron who made my beautiful suits - what a joy to wear and win

Dina Mansour of Hollywood Tan for  tan #1

Pam Bortmes for tan #2

Ron Hache and team from the OPA

Lori Ann Redding and FEDEl for saving my butt on Sunday - you know what I mean!

Midori Rutledge and Lori Fabrizio for support, jewellery and pants on the big day.

RKP staff for believing in me!

Kelly Childs of Kindfood in Burlington, Ontario for the best post-competition vegan carrot cake ever!
Yummy cake!
My entire support network on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, The Kitchen Table and here on the blog. The messages I've received are actually amazing.

And for my darling Robert shining down on me from above. I love you.

Will it happen again? You can never say never.


  1. Love to you always Tosca. You are my inspiration sister! xoxo Lauren from Virginia

  2. You rock Tosca! Congrats!!! xoxo Such an inspiration!

  3. Congratulations, Tosca! I was driving 12 hours on Saturday so I could not keep up with your posts on the competition. I was so happy when I woke up Sunday and found you had won! Many blessings to you and your family!

  4. Tosca, you were beautifully poised, vibrant, playful and powerful on stage. Dreams are motivating and you made it a reality, a gift to Bob. So proud to be an ambassador and friend. Congratulations to one sweet warrior lady. Hugs.

  5. In all of my 49+ years, no one has inspired me the way you have! A million thank you's! I will be turning 50 next January. Because of your example, i say, "Bring it on!"
    Congratulations again to you and your huge team, you deserve it like nobody else!!!

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  6. Tosca, you are an amazing CHAMPION. My role model, my mentor, my inspiration. If you can do this after enduring so many hardships,then so can I. I cried tears of joy for you, your family, your team, and for Bob when you won. I am so proud of you. You are our EAT CLEAN QUEEN WARRIOR CHAMPION. You wear the title proudy. Love you, beautiful lady <3 Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

  7. Congratulations to you Tosca and your entire team. So inspirational to read about your journey these last few months and coach Rita´s thougts and motivations. You both earned this, big time!

  8. Isn't it so incredible to be this loved? What you GIVE is what you RECEIVE and you give so much.

    The world is your oyster and you are just at the beginning of this wonderful ride....look at what you have created!

    I'm grateful to know you and to have the opportunity to get to hang out more. :)

    Love Kelly


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