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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Sugar Brainwashing

Can you believe this vintage ad found by the wonder whizzes at Oxygen magazine?

It's true that simple sugar acts as fast-acting energy, but this is definitely not a plus. Your blood sugar rises, your insulin spikes to control the onslaught of sugar, and then it is stored (if not used right away). Your blood sugar crashes and you crave more.

That means that harmless candy bar before lunch actually makes you want to eat more - not less.

Furthermore, these scary ads are purporting that sugar be used in place of nutritious, healthy lunches. Hmmm. Yuck!

Don't be brainwashed - we know better than that!

Hungry before your scheduled lunch date or after dinner? Have a handful of nuts, or take advantage of the fiber in an apple. These are the real tools that will help you "curb your appetite" and give you the "willpower you need to eat less."


  1. What I dislike most about "white poison" is how it sets off an inflammation effect throughout my body that I end up paying for over the course of the following days. And it's guaranteed to make my hunger and cravings worse during that time. Who wants that!


    There are definitely better ways to get that euphoric rush of energy besides loading up with sugar. :)

  2. Hubby and I cut out all added, processed sugars over a month ago. He's dropped about 4kg, I've lost 1.5kg. The purpose was not to lose weight, but to stop poisoning our bodies. I cannot describe the difference in how we feel. My skin is clearer, my eyes are bright and I no longer suffer from "fuzzy brain" at 3pm...and the best feeling? We are *In Control*
    Do it! it's worth it!
    PS - I still add a drizzle of organic honey to my oats, and we eat two pieces of fruit a day :)


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