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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vegas Check In from Tosca & Rita

Photo Credit: Paul Buceta

From Tosca:
When I arrive in Vegas I will be only two and a half short weeks away from my contest date. Coach Rita is on the same plane as we jet our way westward to Sin City.  We are both travelling for RKP as ambassadors of the Eat-Clean Diet and Oxygen lifestyles.  While there we will be making an appearance at the Olympia, attending the RKP Cocktail Party held for our business partners and we will also be shooting a training layout for Oxygen on location in one of the numerous and well equipped Las Vegas gyms.  From thirty thousand feet up in the air, the view is hazy and perhaps not in clear focus.  I know there are details down below me but they seem far away and of little significance from my spot in the plane looking out the window.

This is exactly how I feel, too.  I know there are numerous details needing attention in preparation for the October 13th contest but somehow I feel removed from their reality.  Don't misunderstand me, I have had razor sharp focus on my diet and training - trained at 10:30 pm last night after a long day at work and am munching on raw cucumbers and radicchio chased by clear green tea as I write - but I feel as if I should be doing something more.  The pieces that still need to come together include my stage shoes (my niece used my previous stripper shoes for a Hallowe'en costume) and practicing the fitness sashay, the hair extensions (I have been asked to sport these just to beef up the hair a little since mine is not long enough), the tan (why does every spray tan machine break down just when I need one?), the bikini (I only know what colour it will be but I don't have it yet), the eyelashes (a request for extensions here too) and a thousand other details.  No wonder I am in the clouds.

In order to get a clearer vision I know I need to begin with the end in mind.  I am going to use this trip as a way of preparing myself for the contest.  Since Rita will be with me for the next few days I will depend on her to help me map out what's next.  Frankly neither one of us has had time to do so before this.  She has just returned from a month away in Spain (jealous much?) and I have had no time to consider anything beyond getting through each day, I have been so busy lately.  It will be good for us to start our days somewhere in the desert sun on Las Vegas Boulevard with an espresso in one hand and a notebook in the other, scratching out our plans for the next few weeks.  I am giggling at the idea of how much fun we could have in Vegas buying stage shoes - stripper shoes - where else will I find such an array of shoe candy?  We also plan to train together so that we can assess where this 53 year old jalopy is and where it still needs to get to in time for the show.  Can't wait for yet another "strip down to your jog bra so I can see your body" commands Rita will surely deliver my way.

In the end I know it will come together and I do have time.  I will be sure to keep you updated on our Vegas antics.  Part of MY plan is to have a little fun too.  YOLO!

Keeping it tight en route to Vegas!

From Rita:
Vegas, The Olympia, and the BIG SHOW!

Last year was my first time at the Olympia and in Vegas.  I went alone, and walked through the expo with my jaw hanging on the ground in awe admiring all of the fit bodies, fitness icons, booths, products and buzz that comes along with such a big show. It was a little intimidating, very exciting and I felt great.

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed and here I am on the plane returning to the Sin City….this time with a sidekick.  I am so thrilled to be able to attend this year’s convention with Tosca.  Gambling, drinking, indulging, staying up till sunrise... oops… that’s another blog… hee hee….  no, not us. This weekend Vegas will be coolers of hardboiled eggs, Ziploc bags full of cut-up veggies, early bedtimes, marketing parties, a photo-shoot in the desert for Oxygen magazine, meeting new and old fitness friends, and maybe a bit of “stage swagger” practicing for Tosca and her upcoming competition.

She is looking tight and tiny in her skinny jeans and can’t wait to size her up and put together her final preparations for her big show in just over 2 weeks!! I can’t believe we are now at the part of choosing her competition suit, depletion workouts and details for the big day. It feels like yesterday when I met her in a hotel room in Toronto to check out her “goods” and set her up on her initial plan. Wow... this has been a whirlwind adventure!!

Upon returning from Vegas next week (where I have instructed Tosca to take 1 night off from her diet and "treat" herself one last time before the show), Tosca's training will include more all-over body circuits to keep her heart rate up and burning more calories throughout her session. We will keep weights lower and reps higher to further help with the final stages of depletion. As far as food, not too much will change, we will just start playing around with carb and fat quantities and ingestion times.  I may or may not get Tosca to add in some extra cardio - I will have to wait and see how she looks in her skivvies and see how lean she is. I like a bikini girl to have some curves on her still… oh yeah, just saw her picture… no doubt about curves on her.

I'm thrilled with her progress. I don't think I envisioned such an amazing transformation when we started. She is definitely a fighter - and when she says "I WANT TO WIN" - I have no doubt in my mindc- her actions speak louder than her words.

Signing off from the City of Sin Fitness,
Coach C


  1. Awesome! Savor the moments. There IS so much to be done, you've gone down this road before, so you know that, but you also know that it WILL all happen. Keep breathing. You've got a fabulous coach who not only is directing you, but she's got your back, too. That's priceless when competing. I'm so excited for you!! Wishing you the very best!

  2. It's so nice to see that even after as many competitions as you have had you still feel this way. I did a very similar post about my upcoming competition (my very first is coming up Oct. 27, 2012) just today as well at . I'm actually coming to see you compete and was so excited to read that you were competing near me! You are such an inspiration and I tell everyone who wants to get healthy to start with your books. Thank you for being so strong, especially as you go through such a hard emotional time and inherit even more responsibilities! You have been a huge part of changing the way I think about my body and I can't wait to see you on stage!

  3. Have been enjoying both of your posts and the fitness journey .. keep up the good work !!

    San Diego.


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