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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sugar Aliases & Replacements

Check out the video above to get a visual of sugar alternatives and how I use them in my house.

Sugar has a maddening way of hiding in so many different places. In The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped I have created an entire list of sugars aliases. Here's a snippet from that book... there are 23 other names for sugar not listed here & let's not forget about fake sweeteners, which wreak just as much havoc:

So what can you do in place of these bad boys? Here are my top 5:

1. Banana Powder
2. Maple Syrup
3. Honey
4. Dried Fruit
5. Fruit or Vegetable Purees like applesauce (unsweetened), prune extract, pumpkin puree (homemade). Oxygen's Special Issue Get Off the Couch Magazine has a great recipe for pumpkin puree. Look for it on newsstands this week!

Just remember that these also need to be used in moderation, but they certainly offer more than that yucky white stuff! Ugh!

Looking for more? Check out this sugar post.

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  1. Banana powder?! Gotta find this on Amazon! Also I'm really curious -- why are maple syrup and honey thumbs up while agave nectar is no go?


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