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Friday, August 10, 2012

Reno & Rita Check In!

From Coach Catolino:
Long past are the days of "cleanorexia." Tosca's eating as of late has been exceptionally on point, clean, satiating and WORKING! (see for yourself).  She had a tough week last week trying to squeeze it all in with 12 hour days of shooting, but she pulled through, and even listened when I told her to have an indulgence of her choice Thursday night post shoot - and she did:)

This week, starting tomorrow, we will manipulate her food a bit more, getting even tighter (as if it were possible!!), as we prepare for a shoot with Oxygen magazine.  I will be following a similar plan myself this next week to make sure I keep up with my superstar client! Not an easy feat... she sets the standard above high.  It is quite powerful knowing that your client will be going through the same discipline in the kitchen and making similar descision as yourself... I am sure there will be multiple text messages of support, pep talks and countdowns!

Tosca has served to be my own personal motivator as well. Yes, I am kicking her butt, and telling her what to eat, when to jump, etc., but she keeps me on my toes and makes me realize that I owe this same dedication to my health and fitness as she does.

Back to food - we will be adding a meal (I know sounds crazy when you are cutting down) - making all meals that much smaller. Fats will be cut slightly as well as fruit and starchy carbs (this is temporary and not reccomended long term - just a few days).  Lots and lots of water will be consumed as well in order to stay full, hydrated and glowing for the camera! Water is our best friend - whoever bottled it should have written fat-loss liquid on it - then maybe more people would drink enough of it!

This week will be a challenge mentally, but keeping busy (not hard for Tosca), focused and keeping goals top of mind I have no doubet that Tosca will follow through, achieve and arrive at the level of fitness she so desires for our Oxygen shoot.  As soon as the shoot is done she'll go back to her clean meals of sweet potato, fresh local berries, lean meats, veggies and high, healthy fats... gotta' love what the Earth offers!

As the Queen of Clean says herself - Keep it tight!!


  1. That's fantastic! You both inpsire me and keep me eating clean. This week I did make some ooey gooey clean treats(not recommended for getting camera or show ready)but with my own blog, and my own journey to becoming A Healthier Version of MYself, I am trying to help others know that eating healthy and clean doesn't mean eating rice cakes and boring foods all the time. I have this blog posted on my blog, to direct my readers here, so that they too can find the inspiration that you give to me.
    Thank you.

  2. So what exactly are some example meals from this diet.

  3. Love that you guys are such a great team! How would I go about finding someone to help me with my own training? I have tried a few personal trainers and can't seem to find one that will do this sort of training. This seems really hands on and tweaked as needed.

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  5. I was hoping for specific details!


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