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Monday, July 23, 2012

Unleashing the Power Within at Anthony Robbins's Event

Here I am with my friends Caio and Lee at the event. Yay for new friends!!
I have just returned from the Unleash the Power Within experience held in San Jose, California this past weekend.  I will tell you without hesitation, I am a changed woman, even if I am exhausted.  This for me equals an enormous transformational shift and that is a good thing because I needed it.  Working on your body is one thing but working on your emotional and psychological !@# is another.  Today my body feels as if it has been through one of Coach Rita’s brutal training sessions times one hundred!

I am happy to say however, that I made it!!  I walked on fire!  Yes!  On Friday evening after a long day of seminars, the 6000 attendees and myself walked in complete darkness to a park where 12, 12-foot long fire pits were laid out on the grass.  Just managing the walk in that crowd was an achievement for me as I am claustrophobic, and not just a little bit.  I don’t even like wearing hats for that reason.  But I got myself into “peak state” as Tony would call it and survived.  In a matter of minutes I found myself standing in front of a fire pit where I would test myself against the glowing, hot (anywhere from 1200 to 2000 degrees F) coals.  In peak state with eyes up and chanting “Cool Moss” repeatedly until the end, I made it!  I was not one of the 45 people who got burned nor was I one of the 5 who sustained 3rd degree burns.  My feet were a bit tingly but nothing more and I couldn’t have cared less because I was so ecstatic about my accomplishment.  And by the way, being ecstatic and having a grand old celebration with a bunch of strangers is exactly what you are supposed to do.  Wahoo!!

After a modest 4 hours of sleep I got up and pushed through another two 14-hour days.  These are marathon sessions, no kidding!  Never was I happier to be well prepared with my Eat-Clean Diet cooler full of Clean fare.  What a godsend! It gave me pure confidence to be able to reach into my bag for something Clean and nourishing that would sustain me.  While I ate HBE's, raw veggies, apples and nuts others had to stand in hour-long lineups for their less appetizing and unclean fare.  The coconut water and water laced with Cell Food drops served me well.  I shared the drops with newly made friends around me as people curiously asked what I was adding to my water.  At an event of that magnitude requiring so much physical and emotional output it is all too easy to become dehydrated.

In summary I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  I have a new mantra now and am ready to take on the world, one hot coal at a time!


  1. I'm glad you had a great time! I went to UPW and did the fire walk in 2008. Amazing! Tony is such an inspiration. I can't wait to see what you do with the knowledge and power you gained. Cool moss! If you have an opportunity, you should go to Date with Destiny. It's even more intense but is incredible.

  2. How beautiful! I am so happy you got to experience that. I am sure your soul feels recharged. :)

  3. Oh, you brave woman! I .. I wouldn't have done it .. lol.

    Also, I must pick up some of those cell food drops :-)

  4. After hearing of those folks that got burned, I'm not so sure I'd want to do the fire walk!

    I saw Tony on Oprah's Lifeclass and he was amazing. Boy, so thankful you were able to experience it!

    The cell food drops actually make the water taste better, btw! Not sure if it's doing anything for me. Maybe you could write more about it! (...unless you already have!)

  5. I was also at the same seminar, walked on fire and didn't get burned either. The news likes to blow things up. It wasn't only Tony that was inspirational, it was also meeting you. It was so nice of you to take your personal time to talk with me and taking a picture one evening. I already had the goal in mind to getting more energy, eating better,loosing some weight and the rest of my goals will follow. By seeing you it just affirmed that for me. I saw that picture of the both of us and one, I'm never wearing that dress again until I change my body and 2,I'm never going back to that bad state of mind and body image I had in the past. Thank you so much and by the way, YOU ROCK!!!
    Karen B, Sunnyvale, Ca. Bay Area :)

  6. you look so radiant!:)...glad your week was refreshing, even if it was exhausting, too:).
    ever the inspiration, Tosca!:)


  7. So much of our real lives IS walking of fire and we get burned because we get depleted, both nutritionally and emotionally... just LOOK what you can DO when those things are energized and in balance! Awesome!

  8. YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU ARE BRIGHTER AND STRONGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are amazing and I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!! Stella xo


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