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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winner of Eat-Clean Tote!

Congratulations to steph32500! You are the winner of a fabulous, new Eat-Clean tote! Please be in touch with to collect your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated yesterday. And, remember, even if you didn't win this time around you can still visit Thiry-One Gifts to get your very one tote.



  1. I have had a lot of response with people being confused on how to order. When you go to my page at you click on Order to order, then click that it is not related to an event. The tote is under the link Thermals and the Thermal Tote is item number 3000. You can design your own with any pattern and font of your choice. If you want the one exactly like the giveaway the pattern is Herringbone Spot, Font Color is Limeaid, Font Style is 10, and it is One Line, EAT CLEAN in all caps. If you would like me to place the order for you, you can email me with your credit card info, address and billing address, and phone number. My email is I hope this helps:)


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