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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Enough is Enough!

Yeah for guest bloggers! Today Eat-Clean Diet Success Story and Ambassador and lifestyle blogger Allison Earnst, is here to share her tips for sticking with your positive lifestyle changes. Take it away Allison:

Enough is enough.  You are exhausted and overwhelmed, your jeans keep getting tighter, your mood more unpredictable and it seems like a red velvet cupcake could solve it all.  Ever been there?  Well, the good news is that you are not alone.  Feelings like these are what pushed me to make real and lasting changes in my own life starting with my diet.  I am a recovering fast food junkie that now lives and breathes the Eat-Clean Diet.  Almost seventy pounds lighter and much happier, I have more energy for my family, my friends and my daily life.  I am an Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador that is fully committed to living my own best life and helping others live theirs.

Here are a few things that work for me:

1. Be STRATEGIC- Evaluate your daily routine and what your stumbling blocks are.  No time for breakfast? Set the alarm for 15 min earlier or prepare a clean” grab and go” breakfast in advance (my go to is the Clean Eating Egg and Turkey cups).  Work all day and don’t eat enough? Pack a small cooler of clean eats to rev up that metabolism while you work.  In order to execute successfully, you MUST have a plan.

2. Give yourself PERMISSION to take care of yourself- Sometimes we find ourselves last on our list of things to do, or sometimes our own needs don’t make “the list” at all.  We have to realize that the better we take care of ourselves, the more we can give to others.  Allow yourself gym time without feeling guilty.

3. Get those around you INVOLVED- the more support we have from family and friends, the more likely we are to succeed and to overcome temptation.

4. REWARD yourself for staying on track- As humans we are all hard wired to work towards goals and rewards, so let that work to your advantage. Keep the diet clean all week? Buy that new interval timer you have been wanting. Make it to the gym the 5 days you had planned? Pick up that new clean recipe book you have had your eye on.  The best rewards are tools that will help your further reach your goals of clean and healthy living.

Ready, set, GO! Time to seek out YOUR best self!

Allison Earnst


  1. We forget to put time aside for ourselves. It's time to make that happen! Great post!

  2. Thank you, Allison! Thank you, Tosca! You are both Warriors and are very inspirational, as well as intrical players through my Eat Clean journey! You ladies ROCK! xoxoxoxoxoxo ~Kymberly =)

  3. Im ready, Im set, I am still going!!! Great blog Allison <3

  4. Awesome post and Great Advice!!! Love all your blogs Allison, Keep em coming!!! Your the best

  5. The ECD rules+Allison's tips = recipe for success!! Life changing! Xo

  6. You have given me some much hope. I started out being a fast food junkie as well. I'm doing much better now but I still need to continue working on eating cleaner. Great post!

  7. Thinking strategically is so important. Thanks for this info and for being such a great help with Rule #3.


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