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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolution High Kick!

I'm excited to have another of my fabulous Eat-Clean Diet Ambassadors here today. Most of you know Miss Tracey Weaver. You've see her on the forum or on Facebook or with me at events. She has been a proponent of The Eat-Clean Diet lifestyle for years. She's here today to give you one last push for your New Year's resolutions as January draws to a close. 

Take it away Tracey...

A new year always brings about hopefulness for so many.  Hopeful that this will be the year that we exercise more, lower our stress, and finally shed some unhealthy pounds.  A year where perhaps we think better of ourselves and are proud of the choices we make.  There is a key word here; choice. I wasn’t always a clean eater.  I grew up eating fast food and following just about every diet fad that came down the line to keep my weight in check.  I dabbled with exercise when I could find time.  I wasn’t “obese” but I surely wasn’t healthy and fit either.

Three years ago I came across Tosca Reno’s books and was enlightened.  This gal’s information was just so darn realistic, that I couldn’t deny having the correct knowledge to create a more healthful world for me and my family.  But now it was up to me.  I had a choice.  Am I going to take the tools that Tosca had given me and put them to use or not?

Making the choice to be disciplined enough to follow the Eat-Clean Diet lifestyle may pain you. I won’t lie, there is work and planning involved.  But the results of following through, and really giving this lifestyle a chance, will astound you!  You will look and feel wonderful!

Another wise person once told me that you will always live with some form of pain in your life.  It will either be the “pain of discipline” or the “pain of regret”.  I choose DISCIPLINE!

What do you choose?

Tracey Weaver
Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador


  1. I choose discipline too :) Great post, Tracey!

  2. hi Tracey... good to see you and thanks for the reminder... oh so true...

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  4. Hey Tracey, nice to hear from you! Discipline is the key!


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