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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gives Day 5: Give Clean Gingerbread

Photo Credit: Donna Griffith

Gingerbread just makes the holiday season much more magical! Today's GIVE is all about sharing your baking delights. Make gingerbread cookies and double the recipe to share with your coworkers, family members and friends!

Our friends at have featured The Eat-Clean Diet® for Men Crunchy Gingerbread recipe so you can get baking, get the recipe here. My daughters and I are baking these for our Eat-Clean Diet® Team as soon as I am back from LA. Yum!


  1. my girls grew up with my family gingerbread cookie recipe. i am looking forward to trying this one and seeing if they notice!

  2. Already printed off the recipe and my son and I are going to bake them this afternoon when the baby is napping :) Love finding new Eat Clean Recipes....thanks!!

  3. yummy..Im loving the flavors of gingerbread!!

  4. Thank you for this recipes... I'm sooo making these this weekend.


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