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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give Day 21: Give a Designer Touch (& Winners!!!)

I love the new look that can come from rearranging your furniture. It's a cheap and cheerful way to spruce up your home. Help somone jazz up their living space with a bit of your energy and creative talent (I know you have it). It's fun and the results are immediate.

Years ago before I began my writing career with Oxygen I was an interior designer and my tip for you is... always arrange things in multiples of 3. Put your candles and poinsettias in groups of 3 or arrange gifts in piles of 6 for a balanced and colorful holiday grouping.

What are your quick and easy home interior tips?

Most importantly here are the winners from Week 3: 

Week 3
1. 3 Oxygen Subscriptions: MAF, Christina @ The Athletarian, medic8989
2. 3 Clean Eating Subscriptions: Array of Colours - Pigments and Perennials, Annie
3. 3 Signed Oxygen Magazine: tamelaward, 75 Pounds Lost, Lightningrunner
4. 3 Sweet Pure Honey: Darla, fabuglam, red
5. 3 Apple iTunes Gift Cards: Fun-n-Fit, Angela, MissHaneefa

Please contact Rachel, our blog coordinator, at with full name, address and telephone number.

Are you a winner from Week 1 & 2 and just don't know it yet? Keep reading to find out if you are...

Here are the Winners from Gives Week 2 & Week 1 in case you haven't been in touch with us yet:

Week 2
1. Tosca Reno T-Shirts: Sam L, Jessica and GrayKristaa
2. Eat-Clean Diet® Grocery Bag: dpadfield26

Week 1
1. Signed Photos: Jen of Prince George, BC, Smccoy, Zaichick the flying rabbit of Ohio
2. The Eat-Clean Diet Workout and JNL's latest Oxygen cover: Tara of Michigan, Healthhappinesshumour, Jam620

Please contact Rachel, our blog coordinator, at with full name, address and telephone number.


  1. Quick and easy designer tip - Change up what you already have - look at baskets in a different way - what would they look like used standing on end for storage rather than usual way! Take decor from other rooms and combine in a grouping, for example, in your living room, to give a free, updated look. Choose colors from your favorite piece - whether it is a scarf, pillow, painting - makes color coordinating easy! Merry Christmas!

  2. My Girlfriend and I have been tag teaming each other with help for our DIY home decor projects! Painting rooms, Buying new furniture, Christmas Decorating... we have been on FIRE. It's great sharing the inspiration and joy with my bestie.

    I agree with your Tip, Tosca, I always group things in od numbers... either 3 or 5... My other tip would be to decorate consistently... stick to a color palette or theme... even if it's a loose one... Doing so always gives a room that story, and leaves it looking put together. Consistency is key.

  3. I WON something! Thank you sooooooooo much!


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