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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween How-To

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again Eat-Clean Spooks... the costumes, creepery and candy are out in full force. Are you wondering how to handle the onslaught of crap that is going to be entering your home this evening? It's time to brace yourself for the madness of sugar-y sh*t! Oops! That may be harsh - but it's true.

Halloween is one of those times during the year when you have to think really hard about your health and fitness priorities. Based on your goals you can decide whether you will treat yourself to a Halloween goody (and I mean one - not the whole bowl) or if you will completely avoid the crap.

If you've got little munchkins in the house then create a Halloween candy bowl where they can keep a few of their favorite treats. If you decide to let them have a treat here and there you can tell them that they can have a piece of fruit or other healthy snack before they have their Halloween candy. Don't encourage them to hide their Halloween candy away. Let's leave it out in the open so it become a learning experience rather than something to be ashamed of.

Need more Halloween ideas that are on the healthier side? Click here. And share your tips for success by commenting on this post.

Bottom Line: Know your goals and stick to them! Set an example for your kids and make Halloween a lesson in responsible eating in moderation.


  1. I have found since i discovered i am gluten intolerant (6 months ago) i'm less tempted by junk food. Lot's of it has gluten or may be made in a factory with gluten and anytime i eat it my stomach hates me. So it's now not worth it to even "treat" myself. I have eaten clean for years but was known to cheat here and there with junky stuff. Now i "cheat" with healthier home made options or stuff i know the ingredients of and can read them!

  2. At Costco we found a package of 80 little pots of Play-Doh to hand out to the kids. They were a huge hit! "Mum/Dad, I got Play-Doh!" I wish we'd got more. We held them back to give to the littlest ones, but the kids of all ages thought it was really net. I'd like to see more companies market small versions of their toy products for Halloween: bracelets, keychains, toys, puzzles. No one needs candy and chips, a lot probably gets thrown away. I remember when I was a kid we would see other kids running down the street on Halloween night with glo-sticks or whatever in their treat bags and we'd all go, "Cool! Where did you get those?!" Candy and chips were run of the mill, toys were special!


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