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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Fit Frenzy!

After a long day appearing at a Breast Cancer luncheon I arrived home at 6 pm only to have to pack my car for the Haliburton Women's FallFit Weekend.  Looking out the window things didn't look too promising - it was cold, windy and rainy.  The drive would be 3 hours into Ontario's beautiful lake country only it was too dark to see.  With Bob in tow, sleeping bags, all-weather gear and our trusty dogs Davidson and Maggie we headed off on yet another fitness adventure.  We arrived on scene at Lake Koshlong, still in the pouring rain, to be greeted by Kim Turley-Smith, event coordinator.  Without too much fuss Bob and I found our cabin (YMCA style!) and hunkered down for the night in our sleeping bags.  There was no heat - only the dogs kept us warm - thank goodness for them!

At 6:30 am the Polar Bear Swim bell rang and I sleepily found my way into my swimsuit...
The wind was howling outdoors and the waves were crashing but I could hear the exuberant whoops and screams of other loopy women like me hitting the frigid water.  In I went, head and all, right down to the bottom and then it was over.  I did it!  October 15th in the freezing water.  Should I brag or get out?  I ran for my towel and tried to dry up a bit before breakfast.  Hair still wet and still shivering I soon found a way to warm up with my first class of Cross Fit run by Kim.  She put us through our paces doing 6 rounds of 4 of her favorite cross fit moves.  Thank goodness for weight training!  By now I was sweating though the wind was still howling.  Next up, boxing with GI Jen who you see in the pics.  She taught us some nifty moves. I am no pro, though I love boxing.  To me boxing was the most challenging because you must think and work all at the same time and there is no break or letting up or you get a big fat glove in the face.  I loved it.
Lunch came none too soon - chicken breast and salad.  But there was no time for lounging as my next class was BootCamp and was it ever.  I don't think I have ever done quite so many quad and glute moves.  I counted that I must have done at least 1000 lunges all told and that was just for quads.  The rain was pouring down and it was getting hard to see.  But we still had some twisting ab moves to do sitting right down on the cold, wet ground in puddles.  Hard core women we were!

On the drive home I thought I had experienced quite a fitness adventure and was grateful to be invited to participate.  But I have to say I was never so happy to get under a warm shower!  Yay! Tough women, we sure kicked some fitness butt this weekend.

Keep it tight (and dry),
Tosca Reno

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