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Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost Perfect

If there was one way to sum up my weekend in Las Vegas for my NTA midterm it would be with this - "almost perfect"...

I mean who really goes to Vegas and doesn't do anything Vegas-y right?!? Well, that was my trip. No Vegas - all school.

And it was an epic weekend of school at that!

We arrived Thursday afternoon and checked into the hotel and I spent the rest of the evening studying. My NTA midterm exam was first thing Friday morning and it was tough stuff! My stomach was hugely distressed - just proving what stress can do to the body. Then we spent the rest of the Friday, Saturday AND Sunday learning learning and learning more! I didn't even take any pics to share with you.

My husband, Robert, and I took the redeye home last night from Vegas to Toronto and climbed into bed for a nap before tackling the day.

BUT.... I am SO excited to say that I received a 99% on my test! Wow! I was not expecting that even though I had studied as much as I could.

Thank you for all of your support. I couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! That's fantastic!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Tosca!! That is wonderful! :-)

  3. Wow, Congratulations Tosca!! 99% is AWESOME!! Way to go!

  4. Wooohoo!!! I KNEW you'd ROCK it!!!! Awesome!

  5. Your hard work and dedication paid off. That's an amazing and well deserved score! I am so happy for you. Hope you will be able to take some time out soon for real relaxation after that busy weekend!

  6. Way to go Tosca!! Such a great accomplishment and I knew you could do it :D


  7. Congrats! Now you can go back to Vegas to celebrate ;)


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