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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Weekender

I love goofing around with my family in the pool like in this pic.
Choose playtime and a plan for healthy eating on your weekends!

With summer weather upon us and long weekends around every corner it's important to have a game plan to tackle the weekends. Here are a few tips to take you into your time off the job and in the sunshine...

1. Have a treat one night rather than every night. For example, tomorrow I will be visiting my mom and sister for a birthday celebration. I'll choose to have a small treat to celebrate and that will be it!

2. Don't binge. What you do during the week doesn't need to end of the weekend. In fact, it will be harder to bring yourself back if you go off the rails too hard.

3. Drink a vodka soda or glass of wine if you must drink.

4. Plan clean activities that don't involve eating... yoga with your friends, a round of golf, or hiking with your dogs. For example, I'm planning to check out an art gallery with my mom and sister.

5. Take your workout outside for a fresh spin on exercise and additional vitamin D production.

These are the times when a lot of us are most tempted by the things that can derail us. Take it in stride and have a plan!

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  1. I LOVE planning fun things to do with friends that involve being healthy. Tomorrow morning my friend and I have plan to go to the Lulu Lemon 2 mile run + yoga in Boston Common then an egg white & veggie brunch :)


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