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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple a Day

I was sent this really interesting post earlier today about a compound in apple peels called ursolic acid that works to prevent muscle degradation. Now, the study was done in mice, so take it with a grain of salt, but it may be just one more reason to get an apple each day!

Here are a few ways to enjoy your apples:
1. My daughter loves to slice her apples and spread each slice with nut butter, such as almond or peanut.
2. I love to eat my apples as they are and grab a handful of nuts, like almonds or cashews.
3. Enjoy applesauce made with the peels. You can top with cinnamon and pecans for a twist.


  1. Im a fan of apples with peanut butter :)

  2. I love mine super cold & crunchy, and when you bite into them they CRUNCH and when they're so juicy they require a napkin!!

  3. my uncle , who is 80 has eaten at least an apple a day since he was a child...we need apple intervention sometimes as he can overload...but maybe there is something to be said about it!

  4. My trainer, who is also a figure competitor, swears that her apple a day also makes her come in a bit "harder" for her competition. That is a good enough reason for me to add it daily to my diet!


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