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Monday, May 16, 2011

Upcoming Birthdays

Blowing out the candles on a special birthday treat!

My husband, Robert, and I had a wonderful time celebrating our upcoming birthdays with friends at the Terracotta Inn on Saturday night. We had a delicious meal and enjoyed the company of some our favorite people...

I definitely had a few birthday treats:
- Antipasto for an appetizer
- A glass of Ontario red wine
- Beef tenderloin with a double helping of steamed veg for my entree
- And for dessert the 6 of us shared one piece of chocolate truffle cake and I had a cappuccino

Robert's birthday is this Wednesday and mine is on Sunday. We will be having some quiet celebrations with family this week before heading to New York.

Stay tuned for more birthday fun!
Celebrating with our friends clockwise from left: Tony, Joanie, Marilyn and Richard.
Thanks for making it such a special evening.


  1. Happy Birthday to you both!! Your contributions to so many lives (and the quality of those lives) is deeply appreciated!

  2. Happy Birthday to two of the most inspiring individuals in the fitness industry..all the best to you both Tosca and Bob!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you and your husband!
    I have to ask, as I just posted on my own blog how bad I was during my husband and son's birthday celebrations this weekend, what did you eat that night!

  4. Hi Sheri,
    I just added what I ate for dinner to the post above. I treated myself to wine and a nibble of chocolate cake! It was delicious.

  5. Happy Birthday to both of you! You look stunning (as always) in the picture!
    I would like to ask you something as well, what is a Dutch oven? I am Dutch but have no idea what it is?
    Thank you, love following your blogs, books and publications!
    ps. My 14 year old daughter who is a model and actress love's your books as well. Since she is ( very successfully) working in this industry, I want to show her that models don't have to starve themselves. That it is all about healthy food choices and exercise. Any suggestions (wish you wrote a book for teenage girls/boys!
    Warm regards,

  6. Happy Birthday to two very beautiful (inside and out) people!!!!



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