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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Wishes

It's my birthday today and I am turning 52
Here is my birthday wish for you... I certainly hope it comes true:

I wish for you to make health, happiness, success and joy a priority in your life. Start searching for those all-important elements of you life now! Reach toward your best health by taking control over your diet and fitness routines. Even making one small change like cutting out refined sugars can make all the difference. Or try emptying out your cupboards of junk and replacing it with nutrient-dense foods. With the beautiful weather arriving it's the perfect time to start a walking routine, which you can eventually work up to a jog.

All of these actions translate to giving yourself permission to change.

Do it now and help make my birthday wish come true!

Here's to another year of health and happiness.



  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Tosca. I am so impressed with what you were able to do with eating clean and looking AMAZING.. I had the joy of meeting you and your adorable husband Bob in Dallas, TX two days in a row last year and am ashamed to say that I am failing miserably in eating clean and working out. I weigh the exact same as when I met you. Is it possible that some people are just not athletes and never will be, or is 46 just too old to be able to do it?

  2. Happy Birthday Tosca! thank you for being such an inspiration and motivation to many! I wanted to reply to Jaini who asked if 46 was too old to get started. I hope you don't mind me answering your question but-46 is not too late at all! I just started walking last August when I was 48. I just turned 49 in April and have started running. I cut out things like soda, sugars and all things white and have never felt better! I also dropped 45 lbs. It is never too late to start. I am so happy and proud of myself that I decided to take control of my health and happiness.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOSCA! My 53rd birthday was yesterday :) You look great and certainly not 52! You are really inspiring me to work hard to get this weight off and get FIT! Enjoy your special day and thank you for all the inspiration you give us. Look for me soon looking very thin!

  4. Happy Birthday are a beautiful example to all of us and my journey to health is motivated by your advice and stories! I'm 57.

  5. Happy Birthday Tosca! I turned 43 this past year and just adopted the clean eating lifestyle this really strict with it and the working out with weights a month ago...I love the changes I am seeing and while I don't do scales often, I got on it this week and saw I had lost 4lbs...I had pretty much accepted that my body was at its set point...awesome to see change is still possible! You are truly and inspiration! Have blessed Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Tosca! I just celebrated my 36th on Friday. It was this time last year that inspired me to rediscover the vibrant, strong, sexy, and healthy woman inside. Your books were beacons of light that helped to further ignite the fire within. Now 1 year later I am 50lbs lighter and over 25% less bodyfat but I have gained so much energy, strength, confidence and wisdom that I am worthy and capable of whatever I wish. Thank you for inspiring me to push that much further! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Tosca! Fit and fabulous at 52!

  8. Happy Birthday, Tosca! I met you last fall when we ran the GoodLife Half Marathon, and even though you inspired me before I met you, I was even more inspired afterwards! I'm running my second Half Marathon next weekend, and I'll be sure to think of you for inspiration when I'm running.
    Wishing you the best Birthday ever, but an even better year ahead. Keep up the great work!
    Dawn :)

  9. Happy Birthday Tosca! 52 never looked so good!

  10. Happy Birthday Tosca you get even more amazing each year older you get can't wate to see what wonderful things you teach us this year you are a true blessing to all of us and a remarkable woman. I wish you all the best in the year to come
    Hugs Patricia

  11. Happy Birthday Tosca! Hope you had a wonderful day. You are such an inspiration!

  12. Wishing you a fantastic Birthday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo-AZ

  13. I missed wishing you a happy birthday!!! Here's to another year of health and happiness!!


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