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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Bob and his birthday loot!
Since we are leaving for New York City tomorrow the kids decided to host a joint birthday celebration for me and Robert at home by cooking us a yummy Eat-Clean meal.

They wouldn't let us anywhere near the kitchen, which was fine with me since I'm still recovering from strep throat.

The menu included...

Appetizer - Bruschetta with Tomatoes from Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Cookbook
Main Course - Roasted Bison Tenderloin with Apple Butter Sauce from Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Cookbook, Roasted Asparagus from The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook, and Roasted Carrots (following the same recipe for the asparagus) enjoyed here by my daughters, Kelsey-Lynn and Chelsea

Dessert - Vanilla whipped cream and berries (Chelsea's own delicious creation)

It was so nice to have the night off from cooking and cleaning up.

We followed dinner with a family viewing of the latest, riotous episode of Modern Family.

Thanks to Rachel, Kiersten, Kelsey-Lynn, Chelsea, and Mat for making it such a wonderful, delicious, and nutritious celebration for the whole family to enjoy.


  1. What fun and yummy dishes!! Happy Birthday to both of you!!

  2. Just shows you don't need to splash out at a fancy restaurant to enjoy an awesome meal. The only part I hate about eating at home is the clean up, I cant grumble though as hubby does all the cooking.

  3. Happy Birthday to you both!!! Love that your family takes such great care of you!


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