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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is Pork Clean?

The consumption of pork is a hot button issue. It recently came up on my Eat-Clean Diet Facebook Fan Page. Here's my response. Please take this as my opinion and my understanding of the matter.

Many people avoid eating pork for religious reasons and I do respect that.

However, to say that a pig is unclean is not true.  Pigs are among the cleanest animals.  The reason pigs roll around in the dirt is not because they want to be dirty but because they need the dirt and the dust to keep them cool, prevent sunburn and as protection against insect bites.  Hippopotami do the same thing in mud.  As for eating their own droppings, you would be shocked at how many creatures do the same thing.  Many animals eat their own droppings, a practice called coprophagia, or another animals droppings and the reason is that droppings contain nutrients that have been broken down by one animal and through the digestive process now made nutrients become available for nourishment.  For that matter pigs will eat a certain amount of dirt in order to get minerals and vitamins essential for health.

And not that this is National Geographic or anything but many animals eat their own babies if those babies are not viable.  This is nature's way of controlling the health and viability of the species.  Mother Nature is quite intelligent that way.

If you choose to avoid eating pork for these reasons, then you would likely consider all other animals unclean as well.

I do however urge people to consider eating meat from healthy sources which in my mind means meat from animals that have been raised in humane environments where they do not stand belly deep in their own waste, and only eating food that is natural to them.  Cows are not meant to eat grain, they are meant to eat grass.  Salmon don't eat grain either but somehow they are eating corn and this is not healthy for them either.  Consuming foods alien to these creatures changes their gut environment dangerously so that they become sick, prone to infection and more.  When really could a fish eat corn? Or wheat?  Not realistic is it?

Back to your pork tenderloin dinner, Bob and I eat pork (we are not Jewish or Muslim) because it is a lean source of clean protein.  Pork is seriously Clean Eating!

Hydrogenated fats, sugar and refined flour products, seriously Unclean Eating!

Thought you'd like to know my opinion, and now you can make your own educated decision on eating pork.



  1. Very sensible & educative piece! Well done!

  2. Pork along with beef tends to be the last protein we choose in my house hold. I find Chicken breast to be a much more veratile piece of protein which is why my freezer is stocked with it! Thanks for the information!

  3. Very informative piece, Tosca =)

  4. I never knew pork wouldn't be considered clean. I don't eat pork often but eat lean cuts of it occasionally. I've even made my own clean BBQ sauce and made CE pulled pork sandwiches... so good!!

  5. I respect yours,this is mine
    "You are what you eat" - Native American proverb

    In folklore terms, eating the meat of the pig is said to contribute to lack of morality and shame, plus greed for wealth, laziness, indulgence, dirtiness and gluttony. We insult a person by calling him or her a "Pig" when they demonstrate these characteristics.

  6. The reason pork is not a clean meat is because pugs do not sweat. They can not get rid of all their toxins & end up in their meat. It is a huge no-no on the anti-inflammatory diet. I learned this in my livestock management & production classes.

  7. Pigs not pugs.... Fat finger typing! Oops!

  8. humans and horses are the only mammals that do sweat, do your research before putting down such a stupid comment


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