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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boston in 4

The Sisters in Speed are on their last runs, getting prepped and saying their thank yous to an amazing team of supporters just in time for the Boston Marathon 2011 coming up this Monday. Check out what they have to say here:

Melissa shares her what's on her mind a mere few days away from the big run!

Tammy shares her pre-race prep including a massage and highlights! Good for you girl!

Keep up with the Sisters in Speed, get great support, yummy recipes, and more at the Kitchen Table.


  1. I will be a volunteer at the Boston Marathon this year. I'm working the water station at Mile 5 and hope to see some of the "Sisters in Speed" as I've been following them through your blog!

  2. Thanks for your information, now in this new version there are so many new feature and bugs fix.



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