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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boston Completed

Our Sisters in Speed and their well-deserved medals!
Wow! We have some serious Sisters in Speed. Our girls rocked the 2011 Boston Marathon yesterday!

Melissa finished in a record 3:04:39. Read her run experience & what's she's thankful for.

Tammy came in at 3:50:23. Here's what she shared yesterday after her run, what she's realized after resting last night, and who inspired her the most.

And Bonnie rounded out the group at an impressive 4:21:33. Read her incredible log of the day including tons of great photos.

Seriously! These are unbelievable times to complete one of the toughest marathons around.

Congratulations ladies!

Click through to see more of their photos from the day & join the Kitchen Table for more motivation from these amazing women!
Staying warm before the race.
The starting line!

Motivation during the run!

The finish line! Goodbye 26.2 miles, hello rest!
Oh yeah! You did it!


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