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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arnold 2011

My team ready to Get Stripped!
Photo Credit: Kiersten Corradetti

The Arnold has passed but it isn't over. Those magical, hectic days will live on in our hearts, words and everything else we do for months to come. 

We experienced success on so many levels. Our Eat-Clean Diet booth was sharp filled with success stories, books, pictures, videos and the remarkable Eat Clean team of Gabby, Rachel, Wendy, Meredith, Kiersten and Jay who worked tirelessly and with joy for so many hours.  This team was rounded out by our Eat-Clean Diet Ambassadors Chelle, Jill, Tracey and Allison who inspired fans with their sparkling personalities and fierce passion. Special thanks also to my dear friend Marilyn who worked alongside me all weekend taking photos and greeting the lovely people waiting in line. 
My team experienced profound success with the launch of the new and wildly popular Eat-Clean Diet Ambassador program which we will continue to develop as well as fabulous reception to our brand new book The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped which we launched at the show. Big hug and thanks to Kendall who partied with the fans! Mwah!

Then there was videographer Vik who caught every passionate moment on camera. There were fans who told of their success, children who have traded Froot Loops for oatmeal, moms who have found purpose in their lives again, men who have cleaned up their diet to donate kidneys, and so much more.  Be sure to visit our sites regularly to catch these amazing stories yourself, which we will be rolling out soon.

And as for me personally, I can't thank each one of you enough for what you do for me and how you enrich my life. Thank you for the honor of knowing you. 

Please share your Arnold stories and requests with us on the comments section below.

Keep it Tight!
Tosca Reno 

P.S. Enjoy the photos below!
My daughters Rachel & Kiersten getting goofy with my cutout!
Their cute T Shirts will be available online soon!
Photo Credit: Kiersten Corradetti

Ambassadors (L to R):
 Allison, Jill, Chelle & Tracy with fierce triceps!
Photo Credit: Jill Holland
Launching Eat-Clean Diet Stripped!
Photo Credit: Jill Holland
Meeting just one of the many fans for whom this weekend is all about!
Photo Credit: Kiersten Corradetti
Videographer Vik and interviewer Wendy getting our latest success story.
Photo Credit: Kiersten Corradetti

My AMAZING team! Thank you so much!
Photo Credit: Jill Holland


  1. Fun pics! How does one join your team -- looks like a blast working with you!?! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos! It looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. fantastic! i almost feel like i was there. hmmm? perhaps i need to put that on my bucket list too!
    riding the waves of you and your teams enthusiasm and passion...

  4. Great pics! Working with you does look like a blast! Lucky Ladies!

  5. You and your team are amazing. Thanks to everyone. It was such a thrill to be able to see and talk to you in person again. :)

  6. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. I have got to go there next year! Looks like a bunch of fun :)

  7. Thank you for sharing in a dream come true for me! I was quite honored to be able to meet you Tosca, along with your outrageously spunky team!

    Jessi and I had so much fun hanging out in your booth for quite awhile on Saturday. I told Jessi I didn't want to walk around the Expo, that I was quite content just spending all day Saturday hanging around the people I love best....the Eat Clean Diet team!!

    Thank you for allowing me to share my success story on video. Ask Wendy, I was scared to death! LOL
    I hope to be able to share with as many people as possible, the effects of eating clean on Diabetes. It has changed my life! I now know I will live a longer healthier life thanks to my new lifestyle of eating clean and exercising.

    Can't wait to see more pics and of course the success story videos as they unfold.
    So much inspiration and motivation is yet to come!!!

    Love you all!!!

  8. Your blog is very useful for me.I really like you post.Thanks for sharing.


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