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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 23 of the 25 Days of Giving

Only 2 sleeps away from Christmas day! And one more sleep until the last "Give" Giveaway! Remember we will be giving away an Eat-Clean Diet® Starter Kit. No entry is required we will be selecting our winners at random!

Today I am giving my best friend Kathy a call. She lives in Alberta and we don't often see each other, it is nice to have a chance to reconnect over the holidays. Is there a long distance friend you can call this holiday season? 

Keep up the great giving spirit! 


Tosca and the Eat-Clean Diet® Team


  1. Actually, my husband just got back from a 7 month deployment on his Navy ship, so the kids and I are reconnecting with him at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

  2. Today, I am helping a friend pick up presents for her and her kids. Her family met with hardship this year and she ended up moving back in with her own mom. Her children and her share one room and financially things are really hard for her right now. I took her need to a lady I know and she got a family to adopt them Christmas. I can't wait to see their faces when they see the new clothes and toys!

  3. So I just left the grocery store and as I put my bags in the car, I notice a very small elderly lady with a cart full of groceries and having to struggle to put them in her trunk. She reached down, on her tip toes no less, to get this VERY large frozen turkey and just didn't have the strength to lift it. I happily went over to lend a hand and put the turkey in her trunk as well as the rest of her groceries. "Looks like you are cooking for an army" I said to her with a smile. "This is the first Christmas dinner I am cooking for my kids and grandkids in 15 years. My husband and I usually fly out east to see them, but my husband had a stroke a month ago and not able to fly this year so they are all coming to us." I couldn't help but feel happy for her remembering the many years of Christmas dinner at my grandmother's tiny apartment growing up and realized just how very much I miss those days with all of my family, and most of all my grandma. She thanked me for the help and wished me a Merry Christmas as I closed her trunk and she said "I guess I will just leave it all in there until my son get's here this evening, it's cold enough that nothing will go bad." I returned a "Merry Christmas" and headed to my car. As I got in I wondered if she had far to go. As she turned the same direction I was going I thought about her story again and how it's a shame her groceries will have to wait in the trunk the rest of the day, and she signaled to turn again, I decided I was going to go lend a hand once again. She pulled into her driveway of her tiny little house and thought of how wonderfully packed it will be with her family on Christmas. I waited for her to get out of her car, so not to startle her and walked up and asked if would like me to take her groceries inside for her and said I understand if she wasn't comfortable with it. She smiled a sweet smile only grandma's can do and said she would appreciate that very much. So once I got her bags into her kitchen and lastly the great big turkey, she introduced me to her husband who was in what I imagine to be "his chair" in front of the tv and thanked me again for the help and handed me a tiny bag decorated with a ribbon and said "this is my homemade peanut brittle, have a very merry Christmas, you are an angel for being so kind" and I noticed she was all teared up. She gave me a great big hug and I said Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your family gathering. I couldn't help but get choked up myself as I walked out the door but felt so wonderful for helping her in what really was a small gesture, but very big for her.

    I wish for everyone to have at least one small moment to experience something similar, whether you pay it forward, or someone does something for you. Merry Christmas

  4. I have a friend out in BC that I would love to call and catch up with - it has been way too long since I have seen them and got a chance to catch up!

  5. I have a very heartwarming story...even though it starts off a bit sour. My brother-in-law was recently filed with divorce papers out of the blue. He was on a business trip in Arizona and when he landed in Saskatchewan he was filed with divorce papers from total strangers. When he got home...his house was completely empty. She took the beds, fridge, stove, food, and even the phone off the wall. He had nothing. Needless to say he did not see this coming. He was completely blindsided. Many friends and us family members rallied around him to help make his empty house a home. Second-hand furniture and appliances are helping him through his basic needs but his solid support fron family and friends not only helping him fill his fridge but have a listening ear and loving heart to comfort him in his time of need...especially during tHe holidays.

  6. I still have to get in touch via a phone conversation with my Bestie who lives in Texas. We keep playing phone tag and missing each other, her voice & laughter is one I would love to hear during this holiday season. that would be an awesome gift!

  7. Michelle: Your story brought tears to my eyes. That was so thoughtful of you. You made that little old ladys year i bet! Tosca: Thank you so much for starting this wonderful trend of giving and promoting others to tell their stories of giving. This truly is a wonderful time of year and these are things we should all aim to do year round.

    This year for the 4th year in a row i volunteered with an organization in my city, called headstart. They provide lot's of help for families in need and do wonderful things throughout the year to help out. Every year they gather volunteers to help put together boxes, fill the boxes with food and deliever them all to families around the city. You wouldn't believe how many boxes we filled. At least 1,000 families will have a great family dinner. I normally help fill the boxes with food and that is what i did again this year. It's too much fun...we all work so hard but have a great time doing it. It's a lot of hardwork and lifting and bending and even though i workout 6 days a week i was sore the next day using muscles i don't normally use!

    I love volunteering and giving. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment you get from knowing you have helped others.

    Have a safe and very happy holiday all!!!


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