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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 22 of 25 Days of Giving

Today's give in simple and thoughtful. My husband has quite the shoe collection and today I will be polishing them before he heads off to work. So shiny!!


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  1. Gotta love shiny shoes!

    It is snowing like crazy here in Montreal so today my gift will be a huge pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup to warm the souls of my family when they all come in from their frenzied day!

  2. I found out about all of your books from Oxygen magazine a couple of months ago, and they are all on my Christmas list. I hope Santa thinks I was good this year! Haha! :) Happy Holidays!

  3. Today I gave my clients the gift of copies of articles from the Abs Issue of Oxygen. It's so informative I can't help but spread the word!

  4. an angel or an elf? One of them lead me to the cooking section at my local book store . . . just browsing for gifts. Walked away with 3 Tosca Reno books for my sister and I to plan from for 2011. Excited about giving a fresh start for the New Year!

  5. I love how creative and personal you are getting with your gifts... The simple ones can mean the most!

  6. I will be going to price chopper today( grocery store in my town) There is a checker there that the other day asked me if I had all my shopping done and I said " close" I asked her and she said all she had to buy for her daughter and the snowman book from Hallmark where she could record her voice for her dauther to hear. This checker, Deanna is always so cheerful and helpful, her daughter is blind, I always look to get in her line cause she brightens up my day, I will bringing her the snowman book for her daughter today!! Merry Christmas everybody!!! :)

  7. Yesterday, I bought a Christmas gift for a little girl that I knew wasn't getting much for Christmas. It is a beautiful princess doll and I pray she loves it.

  8. My husband also loves shoes. That's an act of selflessness on your part, Tosca. Doing good deeds to make someone else feel good allows you to feel good to, no matter his reaction.

    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday, everyone!


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