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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Transforming Yourself to a Gym Regular

You're probably wondering how I went from someone who hated the gym to someone who absolutely loves keeping in shape and staying fit, here are a few strategies to help you make a similar transformation:

1. Only “You” Are Concentrating on You:
Walking into the gym can be intimidating especially if it is filled with people you don't feel comfortable around from big bodybuilder types to too man men. When I first began weight training I had to overcome these same fears. I remember so clearly my first day walking over to the "other side" where people were grunting and groaning and lifting what seemed like impossible amounts of weight. I pulled down my baseball cap, turned up the volume on my walkman (I'm pretty sure that's what I had at this time) and took that first step. Once there I realized that all of these people were actually more concerned about what they were doing to focus any attention on anyone else around them. It's all about YOU in the gym. No one else!

2. Think About What the Gym Will Do for Your Body, Confidence Level and Overall Health:
The side effects of a regular gym-going routine are incredible! Visibly you will see your body develop an incredible shape, your muscles will feel toned and tight, and the skin around your muscles will tighten up too. Best of all are the internal benefits that you can't see. Your bones will become stronger with each weight you lift, your heart will beat more efficiently, your metabolism will increase and your body will use fuel more effectively, you will feel warmer and more healthy overall. This inward and outward beauty will lead to a natural boost in confidence that will travel with you everywhere you go.

3. Seek the Support of Those Around You, Especially Your Partner and Family:
Stepping into the unknown territory of health and wellness can leave anyone feeling vulnerable. This is the time to take advantage of your support systems. Tell your partner, family and friends what you are planning to do. Choose one person in particular who will hold you accountable for reaching your goals. Book a date with them once a month to follow up on the progress you are making. When I began making changes, my family was resistant. Most of this was due to a lack of education about what and why I was doing this, and fear that I would change too much. I decided from the beginning that I would not make special meals for my kids. What was on the table was it! As for my friends, I had to leave a few unsupportive relationships behind and focus on the new, positive connections I was making.

You can do this.


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