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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On the Radio Thursday

Listen live from coast to coast on Thursday, November 11th at 9:15pm EST (6:15pm PST) on Conversations with Liz Sommars.

For more information please visit my events schedule.

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  1. Tosca you are amazing women .I have everyone of your books they are wonderful but I work night and have not lost a thing I have followed to a tee for the last 3 months. Help I eat carb protein together 2 times in my 12 hours and have almonds for times I can not eat and you cookie and energy balls and exercise 1hour a day sometimes on my day off 2x and I had a physical and all my labs and everything is great. help I am 51 years old and weigh what I weghed pregant. it just came on slowly the last few years. karen


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