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Monday, September 20, 2010

Allison's Got It!

Last week Eat-Clean Diet super success, Allison Earnst, had an amazing shoot with Paul Buceta and company. She was shooting a spread for an upcoming issue of Oxygen magazine. Keep an eye out!

She did a great job and the whole team had an amazing time. The best part? A yummy steak dinner after the shoot. After a lot of hard work she definitely deserved the splurge.

Read Allison's story here. Feel inspired? Sign up for our 3rd annual Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge for your chance at a spread in Oxygen magazine, too!

Getting all glitzed up for the camera... Thanks Val!

Hmmm... which suit to choose? Stylist Nadia picked some great ones!

Getting a nice pump up before the shoot! P.S. Her heels make her legs look more toned in shots, I wouldn't recommend working out in them!

Wow! Looking great Allison!

And all thanks to a good clean diet.


  1. Wow! It really is possible. Thanks Tosca!

  2. You go girl:) I love your legs !!! Thats what I need to work on:) How did you go about doing the shoot may I ask?

  3. Alison looks great!!! Love the last photo =O)

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