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Thursday, August 26, 2010

3rd Annual Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge!

Finally the 3rd annual Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge has begun! We have had such amazing transformations over the past 2 years & I can't wait for this year! Please partake in this excellent contest that will leave you winning in more ways than one. You'll have a better body, better health & the chance at some really cool prizes. Learn more by clicking the title above. Good luck!


  1. YAY i can't wait for this!!! Its going to be an amazing time!! I'm committing to this challenge.

  2. Me too. Scary and motivating all at the same time!! :)

  3. This is meant for me to participate! I just turned 40 and the other day posted my first blog post about my new Year 40 Pledge. My pledge to eat clean, lose weight, tone & build muscle. How fun to come across this blog & post while looking for good health/fitness blogs to inspire me.

    Now to go purchase an exercise outfit for my before photos!

    You can see my first post here- I am excited!

  4. I already strive to eat pretty clean... but this challenge may prompt me to clean up the rest of my diet! Thanks Tosca!

  5. Ok, you've convinced me =) I just purchased the Recharged and am looking forward to the commitment and change!


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