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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tackling Scottsdale Terrain

My alarm clock rang at 5:00 am Sunday morning to get me out the door in time for a big trail run with Giselle and the girls at Scottsdale Farm in Halton Hills. It was chilly enough on the way that I put the heat on in my car! I knew things would heat up pretty quickly once we ladies hit the trail. The plan was to run 13 km or more and still get home in time for breakfast with our families on a shimmering Sunday morning. As I was driving I realized I was in for a fight today. Scottsdale Farm was the place my ex used to run and where I was merely the Sherpa carrying food for him and his pals. The NOBODY who couldn’t run. I had never run these trails before and today was going to be redemption for me as we were going to tackle a hefty distance. I was feeling plenty nervous.

Once the five of us met at the farm with big plans to tear up the morning trails: Marie, Pepe, Michelle, Giselle and I, it wasn’t long before we were off. Carrying no food, only water and determination it turned out I ran 16 km with Giselle rather than the aforementioned 13. We were pestered by clouds of deer flies who loved our hair, missed trail markers, plenty of ups and downs and rock, a few pit stops and a couple of nearly lost water bottles but we got the job done. I am a big believer in sticking together though I sorely wanted to put on some speed near the end. I decided to test myself. When I realized we were within 800 meters of the parking lot I was overcome by a desire to run as fast as I could – in a way to outrun the demons of my past and to prove that I could do this. Faster and faster I went enjoying the feeling of flying and knowing I had done something formerly unimaginable and impossible. It was incredible for me. When I reached the cars I had a good cry and celebrated in the breakthrough I had experienced.


  1. That is so inspiring. What an awesome job!! It looks beautiful. I have to say living in South Florida it is hard to imagine putting the heat on in anything right now LOL!

  2. I am so emotional for you! I know what you mean by "demons of my past and to prove that I could do this". Great job - you are my inspiration!

    Thanks for everything.

  3. Wow - what an inspiring story! It's so awesome that you conquered those old demons!

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  5. Tosca!
    Giselle here...for anyone reading this all I have to say is that it was a priviage to be there and see you take ownership of the trail and crushing the demons of the past! You ran like your feet had was beautiful!
    To success!

  6. I'm wondering if you use gels or shotblocks when you run???? 16km of running must require some refueling?!?!

  7. Tosca and girls, that looked like so much fun. Girl time AND getting fit together, nothing tops that!

    Congrats Tosca on your final 800 meter run to the "I ain't that girl anymore" finish line!!!! So inspiring.

    I started eating clean yesterday, had a rough time at breakfast, but the rest of the day was great, and I FEEL amazing!! Thank you!!!


  8. great job Tosca! I believe running keeps me physically and mentally healthy and young. I will run till I can't!!

  9. Amazing. One of my favourite quotes is one from Nelson Mandela "It always seems impossible until its done." Congratulations. The women in your pack are wonderful and supportive and will keep you sprinting towards everything you want to accomplish.

  10. Hello Trail Blazing Tosca,
    We should rename you, "Tosca, the Sherpa-Demon Slayer"..:-)
    I am naturally inclined towards Sherpa-ism and have had to rework my head towards making fitness my number one priority.
    I promised one of my daughters that I would run a local 5 or 10K next April.
    Can 47 yr old, jiggly Jingles newbie do such a thing? If Tosca can conquer her demons, so can Jingles. Whahoo....
    Thank you so much for your transparency. It means more to many of us than you can know.

  11. Best of luck to you during your surgery and wish you a speedy recovery!


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