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Monday, July 19, 2010

Smart Moves Fit Science Show Pictures

Hello All.

I promised you pictures from the Atlanta show and here they are. In these shots you will see Stacy Kennedy and I at the judges' table, Kendall Woods and I on stage addressing the audience before the seminar, our 63 year old grandmother Ruby who won the figure category (age be damned!) and a stage jam packed with fit men. The women were so fit and fabulous it made me want to get my posing suit on too - well maybe after a few weeks of dieting! These contestants worked hard to get contest ready. I salute everyone!

All pictures are taken by Robert Kennedy.



  1. What beautiful women :)

    I can't believe Tosca is on here! Hello!!

    I am just beginning my new journey to health and physical activity. I would love it if you could poke into my blog occasionally for some encouragement and accountability. You have been where I am!!

    Take care :)


  2. Hi, some of the links did not work for me, not sure if anyone else had the same problem.

    ~ L.

  3. Good luck for you!
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