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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paris Day 3

Bon Jour!

Tosca here with a brief update of our day. Bob and I visited the Musee D'Orsay which is where you see more modern paintings. The highlights were the works of Vincent Van Gogh especially his self portrait, Edouard Manet and his city life scenes and the most beautiful in my opinion was the Little Ballerina done by Edgar Degas in bronze but with a satin ribbon in her hair, a tulle skirt and a canvas jacket with tiny buttons. I could not stop staring at her. She is so beautiful. I have seen my own Kelsey standing in such a pose many times.

After the museum Bob and I headed over to the Four Seasons George V where Lady Diana had her final stay. What a stunning hotel. What a stunning waste of life. It was eerie to think of her there in that place in her final hours. Little did she know.

Bob and I strolled down the street towards Rue de la Montagne where there was sunshine, lovely shops, beautiful flowers and generally just a lot of nice things. Before long we took a taxi to Sacre Coueur the oldest cathedral in Paris. Of course the place was mobbed but we got the feeling of how special this church is.

Weird to think our next visit was le Moulin Rouge located in the Clichy district which is Paris' version of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. We took a little train through Montmartre and now we are back in the hotel for a rest before dinner with Kelsey.

Thanks for keeping things tight for me while I am out gallivanting.
I would love to hear your special words about Paris. Please share.

Au Revoir,


  1. If you get a chance walk through the Montmatre area. It is one of my favorite in Paris!

  2. I was in Paris way back in 1989. I saved my last day to go and see Mona Lisa.

    It was a Tuesday and the Louvre is closed on Tuesday. It never occurred to me even check. It is one of my regrets.

  3. love hearing about your time in Paris Tosca! Makes me want to go there! ann

  4. I was in Paris 2 years ago - your pictures bring back so many memories!
    One of our favorite events was a picnic dinner on the grounds of the Eiffel Tower and then heading to the top at nightfall.

  5. Hi Tosca,
    I've been trying to follow clean eating for a while. I couldn't believe it today when I read you where in Paris. I'm from France. Anyways long story short you should try Creperie Josselin, they only take cash and sometimes you have to wait for a table but the Savory buckwheat crepe are so worth it. Maybe you could even make it into a clean eating dish on day.

  6. I have seen a lot of pictures of you and Bob on your blog, but I must say that one where Bob is sitting and you are standing in the red dress is a keeper. You both look happy and relaxed, holidays are the best!

  7. Thanks for taking us on your trip with you. I had a layover there a while back and have dreamt of getting beyond the airport ever since!


  8. The Jardin du Luxembourg is one of my favorite places in Paris. And the cafes along the Blvd. Ste. Germain or Blvd. Ste. Michel. Ah, I miss Paris. Need to get back there soon.

  9. I go to Paris in Sept. Your pictures are getting me excited!

  10. Your trip is bringing back such pleasant memories of our trip. I agree with a previous post - the Luxomburg Gardens are amazing. We spent much of an afternoon there enjoying everything the eye could take in.
    Love reading your posts!!!
    Margaret and Keith

  11. Try Angelina's by the Louvre for the best hot chocolate of your life!

  12. Tosca,
    You're looking gorgeous, relaxed, and happy in Paris! Glad you're having a great time, and I'm really enjoying reading all you blog posts.
    I'm on holidays right now too, but soon will be back home in Ontario and training for our GoodLife Team Diabetes 1/2 marathon in Toronto. I'll be thinking of you as I'm training - you're truly an inspiration!
    Thank you!


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