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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Inspiration

Read this fabulous post from mrshinch, a member of our Kitchen Table. She gives her top 5 "extras" of revamping your lifestyle:

For some reason this morning I woke up filled with this new drive ... a hugely optimistic outlook on my health and being able to lose the 60 pounds I want to lose. My goal is 6 months (a trip to Cuba is the inspiration) and remembering how good it felt to be able to move and dance and bend over without a "lump" or a "jiggle" getting in the way and making me uncomfortable.

So cheers to a fresh diet, a sunny disposition, a smile on my face and knowing no matter how bad things may seem that I always have this goal to work towards and the accomplishment will be better than any raise or task checked off my "To Do" list.

Things that make me feel better:

1~ fresh fruit for a snack on the couch with a cup of tea, water with ice or a coffee.

2~ working out to Zumba at the gym or on the Wii at home

3~ walking and playing with my dog Tucker.

4~ seeing my husband Trevor looking at me with adoration .. and wrapping his arms around me to whisper in my ear "You look hot! Good job pumpkin."

5~ putting on a shirt and a pair of jeans without having to exhale first.

Here’s my top 5 on this sunny day...

1~ A big sunny smile from someone you love for no reason at all.
2~ Flowers piled in vases all over the house
3~ My big goofy dog Davidson’s swinging sashay from the back end – hilarious!
4~ Girl time with my girls watching Modern Family on the big comfy couch
5~ A summery dress with a cool breeze blowing through my legs

What are yours?

Please share them here or become a member of the Kitchen Table for lots of tips, tricks and support!

But don't forget the most important tip: Do it now. Don’t wait. One small step today is one step less tomorrow.

Keep it Tight,


  1. 1)playing at the park or pool with my little boy instead of watching from the park bench

    2)exploring the local farmers market to see what's fresh and in season

    3) the feeling of dirt mixed with sweat and sunscreen after a hike in the woods

    4)enjoying the scents and flavors of fresh herbs picked from my patio

    5) yoga in the park, in a meadow on top of a cliff overlooking the river valley while bald eagles circle overhead

  2. 1 - Warm enough weather that I don't have to wear pants

    2 - Being barefoot

    3 - Having a cup of tea with honey while reading my new Eat Clean Diet book

    4 - Knowing that I reached the last goal I set, so I can reach the next one

    5 - Yoga is always a blessing

  3. My Top 5 Things on a Sunny Day:

    1) doing my favorite early morning bike ride (a 6.5 mile climb up a local "hill" and then whipping back down hill reaching a max speed of 40mph) BEFORE work!

    2) watching my sons swim fabulously in a meet and then trying to emulate them in my own workout!

    3) roasted brussel sprouts drizzled with olive oil & garlic

    4) hiking in Mink Creek with my husband, sons, and Border Collie

    5) HOT strong coffee while enjoying a terrific novel on my deck!

  4. My favorite things today:
    1) spending hours with my 23 yr old quarter horse- watching him graze, giving him a bath
    2) going for a long, exhausting hike that makes me feel at one with nature
    3) playing Scrabble in the park with my husband with our great dane relaxing nearby
    4) Laying in the grass and watching the clouds go by
    5) Grabbing an iced coffee and sitting on the patio at Starbucks with friends


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