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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eat-Clean Diet Women's Cycling Team CAMP 2010

On April 24th the Eat-Clean Diet Women's Cycling Team hosted a Learn-to-Ride camp. It started super early on Saturday morning with pictures of the team in our kits. We look super cute! Then I immediately stepped right out of my comfort zone into unfamiliar territory.

This was one of my goals after turning 50. I wanted to test myself in a different ways and so it began with signing up for a triathlon, joining the cycling team & attending cycling camp.

40 fabulous women learned about changing flats, bike maintenance, cornering, rocking our bikes on sprints (this requires pulling with your arms), falling while clipped in, bike etiquette, group riding, various formations (echelon, single pace, double pace), safety, etc etc.

I did my schpeel on nutrition, but even this is a learning adventure for me because endurance sport requires an entirely different level of thinking... I am educating myself quickly!

I was also the girl who forgot to clip out when coming to a full stop and fell on my *ss on the grass... it had to happen & it did! Ooops!

The Most Interesting Thing I Learned: that you can cook a tire in the heat by letting it sit in the back your car and it will explode without proper maintenance

What I Loved: sprinting up the hill & rocking the bike because I realized you actually are using your arms in this sport, rather than just using your legs

Overall, although group riding was interesting, it's not as applicable to triathlon training as I expected to be, however the skills are still extremely important and I feel much more comfortable on my bike.


  1. Hi Tosca,
    Glad you are getting into road's one of my passions.
    Question for you....can I buy one of the Eat Clean bike jerseys that you have on in the picture?


  2. That would have been great fun! I love to bike, in fact, I love it so much that I have never bought a car! People at my work thing I am crazy when I bike to work in the -40C Saskatchewan winters (I am a nurse), but once those winter tires are strapped on no one can stop me!

    Keep up the good work, recipes, and inspiration!


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