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Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Eats

Thanks to Beth who asked a great question about traveling post-weight loss while eating a clean diet:

I know many of you wonder how to eat while on a trip, particularly after you've lost weight and finally achieve a body you are proud of. I worry about this, too. I enter into the trip with a good mindset consisting of the notion that although I will do my best to Eat Clean it won’t be perfect and that doesn’t really matter. You are on vacation after all and it is a time to treat yourself a little differently than you would in your normal daily life routine. You do your best, you don’t go crazy and you be comfortable with the plan.

However, in order to offset some of the issues that may plague me and potentially you too, I always pack ground flax seed or chia seeds in my checked luggage. That way I can toss these things into a bowl of oats or cereal just to keep things working effectively. I also always pack my own favorite kind of tea just in case I can’t find one I like while away. And I make up small bags of dry oats mixed with protein powder and dried blueberries as a back up if I am stuck for food. I have a few of these prepared and stowed in my carry-on luggage too so that I can always have a clean meal instead of the often horrific plane food. Make up a few small bags of mixed nuts and dried fruits, too. Usually these items are safe when going through customs, but you may want to check the airport's protocol to be sure.

Hope this helps and bon vogaye!


  1. glad to hear you are (like me) not perfect when on vacation, but I am defiantly more conscientious with my choices and truly enjoy a yummy dinner out! oh and my husband was the one that brought the flaxseed an chia seeds to Mexico this year. Much better choice than last year when he brought cod liver oil, disaster, spilled during flight, the smell never goes away, needless to say we through a lot of his clothes out!

  2. Hey Tosca. I'm just wondering obout your legs/bum workouts during your race training. I'm also training for a marathona and was wondering if low reps high weight or high reps low weight were a better choice. I'd love some advice!! Thanks for taking the time for your fans and good luck on race day! Oh! I'm just curious what your food choices will be the day of your race?

  3. Thanks for the tips, Tosca. I will be incorporating all of them. Hopefully, with a commitment to my workouts and clean eating, this will be the one business trip that doesn't leave me a bloated, unhappy mess.


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