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Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Morning America...

Check out my video from Good Morning America!

Robin Roberts was an amazing host. She is so laid back and easy going. She made everything fun. What an amazing amazing experience!

Thanks to everyone for rooting me on!

And now I'm catching a plane to Miami for 2 more shows.



  1. Tosca - you are a beautiful, inspirational woman! I have read your column and your books, but this was the first time I heard you are so down to earth. I'd love to meet you some day! Thanks for being a fantastic, healthy role model for other women.

  2. FABULOUS!!! I have ALL of your books - you are such an inspiration. I am still working on trying to eat clean - I really struggle on the weekends.

    Can you recommend a "clean" commercial protein bar I can enjoy when on the run?

  3. Great interview Tosca! I love your books and cook from them often! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the video of your interview here! GMA is on tooooo early...haha. You looked fabulous I love that you are getting the message of eating clean out there on television too. I have most of your books, introduced them too my mom, and she has several as well. And working at the local Barnes & Noble, I have hand sold many many more. I was talking to a customer today that was purchasing ECD Recharged and I was going on about it so much that the one behind her wanted to find out about it too. I love being in a position to talk about and recommend your books to people wanting to change their lives and health!

  5. Fabulous interview Tosca, I love that you post these on your blog!!

  6. You just rock socks, Tosca. Congratulations!

  7. Thanks for the share! You inspire so many and I enjoy you in Oxygen every month too.

    Have a great and fun trip...and yeah you RAWK!

  8. Aloha, just wanted to say saw the interview and you look amazing, loved your story and mahalo for being an inspiration on all levels of life, not just fitness. To me that's truly what being healthy is all about. Keep up the wonderful work.

  9. Fabulous interview always! No matter where you are being interviewed, I always watch the video so I can be inspired again and again. Thank you!

  10. It's so nice to put a voice to your face, Tosca ... ☺

    I absolutely love the Eat Clean way of life. It's the only way to eat as far as I'm concerned. I never feel guilty about food anymore as I did when I consumed what I call crackfood.
    I have a ways to go weight-loss wise ... about 85-90 lbs ... and I'm dealing with my 4th bout of thyroid cancer which always stalls my efforts when I have to go off my meds for the radiation treatments. Nonetheless, I firmly believe, with all my heart, that Eating Clean will get me to my goal.
    I also turn 50 this year which I'm really looking forward to as I believe I will be healthier than I ever have been in my Life.
    I hope to one day soon be an Eat Clean success story and be featured on your site! ♡

    Thank you, Tosca and also thank you to your hubby, Robert, for introducing the world to Eating Clean! It's the sanest, healthiest way to eat for Life!

  11. what a great interview! you looked so beautiful and were so well spoken. although i have all of your books and read Oxygen religiously, this is the first time I've heard you speak. I was very impressed! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

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